Clever makeup tricks to help hide a double chin

Clever makeup tricks to help hide a double chin

Clever makeup tricks to help hide a double chin. While we are huge advocates of loving the skin you’re in, sometimes you just want to hide any parts of you that make you insecure. And that’s where makeup can come in handy.

If you feel your self-confidence plummeting because of your double chin, keep scrolling for our tips on how to hide it with makeup. No fancy or expensive treatments necessary.

Blush Matters

Remember to get cheeky. And, no, we don’t mean for you to take that literally. Make sure you wear makeup that highlights your cheeks and eyes. For your eyes, you could use shimmer shades and subtle colours. For your cheeks, sweeping your blush upwards will help to enhance your natural shape and make your cheeks more prominent.

Lips Do Lie

Your lip colour can make a huge difference to your appearance. But what’s important is the colour you choose to wear. To distract people away from your double chin, use bold colours like dark reds and browns. You can also opt to rock some shiny lip gloss. This will help attract attention to your facial features and not the portion below your face.

Define Your Jaw

Just as you would define your eyes and cheeks, try and do the same with your jawline. The best way to dd some definition? Use your bronzer. Grab a powder brush and sweep the product over your jawline. If you have a dark complexion, use a gold-toned bronzer. If you are more on the fair side, opt for a rose-toned product.

Other Beauty Tips To Remember

The clothes you decide to wear has an impact on what your chin looks like. Stick to scoop necklines. This will force people to notice your neckline, collarbones and throat. Another advantage of wearing a scoop neckline is that it can be easy to style.

Another thing to remember is your hairstyle. The volume of hair hanging down your neck will accentuate the visibility of your double chin. One hairstyle to go with is a high ponytail. Or you could go for a bob cut. At least this way, you won’t have to think of a new hairstyle every morning.

Clever makeup tricks to help hide a double chin

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