Men’s sneaker trends everyone will be wearing in 2020

Men’s sneaker trends everyone will be wearing in 2020

Men’s sneaker trends everyone will be wearing in 2020

Trends in fashion are a cyclical beast. The same designs that were in style years ago are again making a comeback.

The early 2010’s may have brought us minimalist style and the beginnings of the 90s revival, 2020 looks set to go in a different direction. Keep on scrolling for the biggest sneaker trends that will be taking over 2020.

Unlikely Collaborations

If you had suggested ten years ago that models would be seen sporting Air Jordan X Christian Dior shoes, you’d have been laughed out of Paris. Yet, here we are.

High-fashion houses hooking up with sneaker brands proves that streetwear is becoming fashion’s new normal. There’s another collab set to arrive this year, with Adidas and Prada teaming up for some very fancy footwear.

Bring On The Gore

One of the biggest menswear trends last year was function going fashion. Technical outerwear was everywhere, as were pockets. And Gore-Tex surpassed fleece and corduroy as the biggest fabric round. But this fabric didn’t stop at the ankles.

AW19 brought with it, Gore-Tex sneakers. Waterproof versions of classic styles, like Nike Air Force One flew off shelves, so expect more in 2020.

Textured Trainers

Textured trainers are making their way into mainstream menswear and we are here for it. From cord plimsolls to hairy suede runners, tactile fabrics are taking over the world. And with a new Wotherspoon collab set to drop in 2020, things are only getting hotter.

Performance Shoes

Performance running shoes are the latest functional footwear to be picked up by the fashion industry.

Be prepared for brands like Nike and Hoka One One to boost your local running club’s street cred with colourful and high-performance shoes that make an impact.

Mesh Meets Metallic

If you wait long enough, anything you think possible will become fashionable. Wraparound shades? Yep. Sketchers? Check. Those mesh and metallic sneakers your P.E teacher used to wear? They’re making a huge comeback in 2020.

Thanks to the likes of Asics, New Balance and Saucony, they are back in force this year.

Revival of the Noughties

Carrying on from the ‘00s style that was the last shoe trend, get ready for another. The last decade has been heavily influenced by the 90s. However, this year, attention is shifting towards the millennium.

For proof of what’s to come this year footwear wise, look at the recent resurgence of early ’00 styles like Nikes’ Shox and the previously mentioned shiny mesh gym shoes.

Men’s sneaker trends everyone will be wearing in 2020

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