Jacket trends that are set to take over your 2020 wardrobe

Jacket trends that are set to take over your 2020 wardrobe

Jacket trends that are set to take over your 2020 wardrobe

Because this is Ireland, which is known for its interchangeable weather, jackets form a huge part of everyone’s wardrobe.

With that being said, we are always on the lookout for the latest styles to drop. For 2020, the jacket scene is shaping up to be a diverse one. You have 90’s style blazers and safari jackets on one side. On the other, there are polished tweed textures.

Different though they may be, they are all equally covetable.

Leather Blazers

They were everywhere during the 90s and now in 2020, leather blazers are making a huge resurgence. For a truly retro look, why not pair your leather blazer with a cream slip dress and black pumps.

If you’re on a budget and want an affordable option, Zara is the way to go. But for you lovers of sustainable fashion out there, you may love what Reformation has to offer.


This fabric has long ties to the world of fashion, thanks to the likes of iconic house Chanel. But now it seems like other designers are given tweed a whirl too. And keeping things very chic. If you need something to dress up your denim, tweed is definitely that material.

Safari Styles

The safari jacket picks up where the worker jacket left off. While the two re very similar in design, the safari jacket come in a neutral palette.

Except for rust and green shades. Usually there is a nipped in waist, by the way of a coordinating belt. Sleek but practical, this jacket is best worn over floral midi dresses and chunky boots.

Printed Puff

Instead of thinking that the puffer jacket makes you feel like the Michelin Man, why not embrace it all the styles that this fashion piece comes in. Street style influencers are doing just that and have been wearing printed puffers on repeat.

Quilted Finishes

It may have previously been considered country wear, but the quilted coat is not only cosy but is proving to be prevalent in urban settings. Wear yours with chunky knit and leather trousers.

When the weather decides to get a little bit warmer, you can style your quilted coat with denim shorts and simple jersey tops.

Jacket trends that are set to take over your 2020 wardrobe

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