The best way to style a scarf for petite women

The best way to style a scarf for petite women

The best way to style a scarf for petite women. Dressing a petite form can be tricky, as you have to carefully balance your proportions to avoid overwhelming your short stature.

As a petite woman, you don’t have to worry about wearing scarves, as we’ve got the best fashion tips to help you out.


V-necklines are a great way for petite women to look taller as they give the illusion of a longer neck. To create your v-neckline, simply fold a rectangular oblong scarf and tuck into the inside of the neckline of the garment you’re wearing.

A square scarf will also work but may require more folding and give off a bulkier look. For this reason, we recommend you choose a lightweight one, such as silk chiffon.

Use A Scarf As A Necklace

To achieve this look, use a rectangular oblong scarf. Fold it lengthwise to your desired width. Next, clip a pendant to the centre of your scarf, forming a pendant necklace.

This style doesn’t necessarily have to be used with v-neckline. As it’s a pendant necklace, it creates its own v-neckline, which is flattering on shorter women.

Wear A Scarf As A Tie

Wearing your scarf knotted in a tie will create a slimmer appearance. Rather than tightening the knot all the way to the top, pull it downwards and create a v-neckline. If you’re already wearing something with a v-neckline, position the knot right at the v.

Under Lapels

First things first. You need to select the right scarf for this look. A long rectangular one works best. Simply position the centre of the scarf under the back neckline of your coat and let the material hang straight down. This will create vertical lines, which can help shorter women look taller.

Inside Your Coat

Layer a long scarf inside your coat or jacket and let the ends hang straight down. For a classic look, the ends can be positioned evenly or unevenly for a more modern twist. For warmth in colder weather, choose a scarf made from fine wool or cashmere.

Draped Over Your Shoulder

Though one-shoulder looks are popular, you don’t need to bare your skin to create this look. Simply, drape your scarf over one shoulder and secure it with a pin.

You can also use some fashion tape, a small safety pin or some hand tacking stitches that can be removed easily.

Alternatively, you can also use a brooch. If you do go for this option, you do need to remember that brooches usually leave pinholes in delicate fabric.

For a bold look, fold a square scarf diagonally and drape one point in the front, one in the back and the third point over your arm. This can be a great way for petite women to wear a pattern by choosing a colourful scarf worn with a solid colour dress.

The best way to style a scarf for petite women

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