Accessorize Launches Vegan Handbags

Accessorize Launches Vegan Handbags: An Alternatives to Leather

After the rise of numerous save animal campaigns, plant-based diets and veganism started acquiring such popularity that now even the Irish fashion brands have been influenced by it and thus finding alternatives to leather and other animal products.

Accessorize, the world-famous fashion brand has taken the initiative to launch their first ever collection of vegan bags that are free from animal products.

Brands stated in their press release that these elegant vegan bags manufactured by plants based methods with an adjective “designed for good.” Their specialty is their versatile design range. The collection includes girl’s top favourite variety totes, weekenders, shoulder bags, crossovers and backpacks named on casual girl names such as Emmy, Dolly, Alice, Millie, and Harriet.

The elegant collection is exclusive that gaze will convince you to purchase them all. There pricing ranges from £25 to £42, if you want to buy the one that suits your style online, you can order from the brand’s official website.

The eco-friendly fashion had always been popular in the fashion cantered Ireland. The launch of this brand new collection turned out to be a gift of fashionable bag lovers out there. This why the brands being commended for the more sustainable quality materials that are not just adorable and stylish but also made up without harming any animal.

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