How to choose the best hat that compliments your style

How to choose the best hat that compliments your style

How to choose the best hat that compliments your style

Apart from hiding a bad hair day, or shielding yourself from the sun, many of us tend to avoid wearing hats. But we re here to change your mind about this misunderstood accessory.

The biggest battle when it comes to choosing your perfect hat is finding one that fits your head properly. Keep scrolling for our tips on finding the best hat to compliment your style.

Wide-Brim Hats

From cowboys to old Hollywood style, wide-brim hats have been taken on many different forms. With so many different brims and styles available today, you can find one that will go with any outfit, season or style. For autumn and winter, felt hats are great at keeping in the warmth and throwing off the cold weather.

While black may be a go-to colour, don’t discount olive greens, greys or even white. The trick to finding the best wide-brim hat to suit you is trial and error. An extra wide brim won’t suit everyone.

However, there’s something we can all agree on. Until the winds of fashion change, fedoras with small brims must be voided at all costs.


You may need to proceed with caution when it comes to this French-style hat. if styled incorrectly, it can tend to look costume-y.

To keep things looking stylish, make sure your beret is paired with a chic suit, a classy coat or your most casual jeans. Avoid striped tops, anything red or anything else that’s a French stereotype. For easy styling, get a beret in black as it goes with everything.


The climate in Ireland tends to be a bit unpredictable so beanies are a must when it comes to dressing for cold weather. But that doesn’t mean that they have to be itchy or droopy.

There re plenty of stylish and simple ones out there that will compliment everyone’s style. Ply round with colours and pom-poms to find one that suits your style.

Baseball Cap

The classic baseball cap is one of the easiest hats to style. Pick a team, a logo or a city and rep it. Otherwise choose a plain design. These hats are great at hiding a bad hair day or for when you want to make your outfit feel more casual.


How to choose the best hat that compliments your style

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