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Fashion spend hit due to sustainability concerns

Fashion spend hit due to sustainability concerns

A report in the UK has shown that shoppers are becoming increasing conscious about sustainable fashion.
Spending habits are being affected due to consumer’s concern towards sustainability and the impact it is having on our planet.

According to 2 retail sector reports in January 2020, this is causing fashion shoppers to be more selective about their purchases,

The British Retail Consortium have reported that retail sales increased by 0.4% last January compared to a 2.2% uplift in January 2019. On a like-for-like basis, sales were flat with 0% change year-on-year.

Chief executive of the BRC, Helen Dickinson puts these results down to recent political uncertainty in the UK with Brexit combined with a decade of austerity.

It seems that fashion sustainability is bucking the trend and continues to grow with more consumers becoming more environmentally friendly when choosing products. In some cases it is causing them to buy less. These results are impacting on both high street and on-line sales.

UK head of retail at KPMG, Paul Martin said: “January is usually a quieter month for retail, and although static sales might not appear triumphant, at least it is no further deterioration.”

“Consumer confidence has started to return post-General Election, but we have not experienced any major leaps for the sector yet.

January figures are seen as a semi-positive performance that are also based on combative discounts being thrown at consumers, encouraging them to shop for deals.

Julian Kirby who is a prominent Friends of the Earth environmental campaigner believes that environmental concerns are rightly up there on the public agenda when it comes to be more sustainable. She is also encouraged that shoppers are now opting for more sustainable fashion products.

She said “Companies must respond by putting the environment at the core of their businesses.”

“This includes cutting down on climate-wrecking emissions, doing away with unnecessary packaging and ensuring products are built to last and can be re-used, rather than clogging up our creaking waste and recycling system.”


Fashion spend hit due to sustainability concerns

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