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River Island sign up to the Global Transparency Movement

River Island sign up to the Global Transparency Movement

British fashion retailer River Island have improved their commitment towards ethical fashion by signing up to the Global Transparency Movement

This move helps River Island become more transparent to consumers in the way their clothing are manufactured. Their decision to join the Global Transparency Movement is a big move forward for the rights of fashion workers.

In a growing world of “conscious sustainable fashion” it has seen an increase by consumers demanding to know more about the origin of their clothing.

All high street stores and fashion brands are under pressure to show transparency about the use of sustainable materials used in clothing production as well as rights of the workers.

River Island was established back in 1948

Back in December 2019, Human Rights Watch, in conjunction with the Clean Clothes Campaign, launched a campaign requesting fashion brands to ‘#GoTransparent’ by signing the Transparency Pledge.

With 39 fashion companies already signed up to the initiative since it’s launch, River Island are the latest high street chain to join.

The pledge was established back in 2016 with an affiliation of 9 organisations and global unions. This also included Human Rights Watch joining forces in an effort to standardise supply chain disclosure.

River Island is in the process of revealing a list of all their approved Tier 1 factories, which they expect to be available online sometime in March 2020. They will continue to update this every 6-months to ensure its accuracy.

In a media statement released by the UK fashion retailer, they confirmed that this is a very important step to creating greater transparency in the fashion industry.

As part of their efforts to ensure fair and safe working conditions in factories worldwide, it believes this fashion industry collaboration will help prevent real global issues such as modern slavery.

In December 2019, H&M launched a similar scheme, offering customer transparency on sustainable products by offering detailed information on each products production and location of origin.


River Island sign up to the Global Transparency Movement

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