Buachaill is the Irish underwear sensation for men

Buachaill is the new Irish underwear sensation for men

Buachaill is the new Irish underwear sensation for men

Did you ever hear somebody say “He’s some buachaill!”? Buachaill is one of the first words that people learn at school in Ireland. Most people know what buachaill means but are they aware of the history of the word and many of its meanings and connotations?

Well now there is a new buachaill on the scene! It’s not just any buachaill but a very confident and stylish Buachaill. What are we talking about? Buachaill boxer shorts!

Buachaill boxer shorts are a distinctly Irish brand offering stylish, comfortable, and long-lasting boxer shorts for men all over the world. They are for men who want to start the day the right way wearing great underwear.

Where did the idea for Irish boxer shorts come from?

The story of Buachaill boxer shorts began in 2015. The founder, Seanán Ó Coistín, bought underwear online from Australia.

The day after the underwear arrived, Seanán thought “Why am I buying underwear from the other side of the world? I should be buying them in Ireland.”

He began looking for an Irish underwear company but discovered that there was none. It led him to think of establishing a boxer shorts brand with a strong Irish identity.

A perfect name – Buachaill

“I needed a suitable name and the word buachaill came to mind. Everyone in Ireland knows what the word buachaill means. It has strong connotations of a cheeky young man, a bit cocky, full of tricks.” Buachaill expresses what a boxer shorts brand should be about – young, masculine, fun, cheeky, sporty.

Buachaill boxer shorts – ideal for wearing for many occasions

Buachaill boxer shorts can be worn for everyday use, for playing sports and going to the gym, for special occasions such as weddings and graduations, and for going out at the weekend.

The boxer shorts look good for all occasions. They are well-made, comfortable, stylish, offer the right support, and are durable. Some cheap boxer shorts have all the sex appeal of a wet dishcloth and begin to fall apart after being worn a few times, but Buachaill boxer shorts are stylish and strong.

Buachaill in the future

Buachaill plans to expand their exciting range of stylish boxer shorts and offer more items such as swimwear, socks, hats, and other clothing.

The potential is limitless.

Buachaill boxer shorts are available to buy from www.buachaill.com


Buachaill is the Irish underwear sensation for men

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