Ways to style your tights this summer 2020

Ways to style your tights this summer 2020

Ways to style your tights this summer 2020

For some people tights are an all year round piece of fashion. Maybe they enjoy the warm and feel of them on the skin. For others it can be it covers their pale skin colour. Or it could just be a confidence thing where they don’t like their flesh exposed.

Planning tight wear for the summer has to be given some consideration. It’s not a matter of throwing on any old pair, hoping to look good. No, it has to be done strategically to create a chic summer look.

There are a few important things to remember even before you can consider styling your tights during the warm summer months.

As all of us ladies know that tights consume heat so getting a pair that are light and breathable is important. This is something all tight-wears should think about when choosing tights for the summer months ahead.

How to wear tights during the Summer months

Seek out and wear short, lightweight clothing to pair with your tights, This applies to summery dresses or high-waist shorts.
Opt for sheer tights instead of opaques which helps lighten the look.

As we all know, skin tone coloured tights look fab anytime of year. Try choosing a darker shade than you would normally buy to give yourself that sun-kissed, tan complexion.

If you choose opaques, try colours like greys and browns. White and black dresses are pure classy especially during the summer months.

Summer outfit ideas with tights

Red rompers with tights sheer nude tights

If you are feeling adventurous and like fashion with an edge, try matching your sheer dude tights with a red romper this summer. Apply matching red belt to the waist and red pumps and wow!!

Flower print dress and sheer black tights

We really love this summer look. It’s so summery that any damsel will certainly seek out her prince in this look. Pair your light pastel coloured pastel dress with black sheer tights. Heels or slip-ons to finish and summer lovin is here.

Short dresses with sheer nude tights

Make that transition from Winter to Spring to summer effortlessly by pairing your short dress with sheer nude tights. Make sure your choice of short skirt has a flowy feel to it.

Complete this great summer look with black or nude sheer tights. It’s so elegant and feminine. Just right for that beautiful summer look and feel.

Shorts go with colourful tights

This is for that playful summer look when you can afford to take risks with your tight look. The shorts and tights look is a common favourite with celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Madonna.

There is no age barrier for pairing shorts with tights during the summer months as long as you keep your look classy. Colourful tights that balance in with neutral clothing colours are fab.

They can be worn with pumps, heels or trainers, the choice is yours. Just ensure your finished look is balanced so you don’t look like an elf or clown. Enjoy wearing ladies tights this summer.


Ways to style your tights this summer 2020

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