A beginner's guide to non-toxic makeup

A beginner’s guide to non-toxic makeup

A beginner’s guide to non-toxic makeup

Doing detox diets or hoping that a juice cleanse will free your body of all the toxins is definitely not enough. We expose our body to numerous toxins without even being aware of it. These toxins tend to come from our environment, food and even products for personal care.

And those are the ones that are supposed to keep our body clean and not contaminate it. Now, if you are someone who loves makeup and is comfortable with investing in it, you want to have the right data. The goal is to use products that meet the safety standards established by the European Union.

This rule of thumb has been adopted by some US states as well. But you might need a bit of help getting started, and that is where this guide to non-toxic makeup comes in handy. Give it a look!

Let’s start with understanding the danger

First thing’s first. You already know how to minimise the toxins that you are exposed to via air or food. There are a lot of air purifiers out there and you can always switch to organic food and drink options.

This is definitely a good start, but what about our skin, our biggest organ? It is our first layer of defence from external toxins. And the scary truth is that toxins from your makeup can end up infiltrating your skin, ending up in your blood.

Some of the biggest enemies we face are parabens and phthalates. Parabens are chemical preservatives that have been identified as estrogenic and disruptive of normal hormone function.

Phthalates have the reputation of being hormone-mimicking chemicals, many of which disrupt normal hormonal processes. This, in turn, raises concerns about their role in increased breast cancer risk.

Now it is time to learn to recognise it

This is the most important part of introducing non-toxic makeup to your daily routine. There is a high probability that you are using toxic makeup without realising it, and it might be the cause of skincare woes, like irritation, swelling, and even ageing skin from DNA damage.

The first step is to recognise the threat. The best way to do this is by reading the ingredients listed on your makeup packages. You need ones that are free from all the following: BPA, coal tar, phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, heavy metals, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, talc, and a few other ingredients.

Next, throw away all of the dangerous ones. Especially, those produced by companies that use animals for product testing, it is simply not a humane act. It is now time for some new, better products.

Choosing the ideal non-toxic makeup for yourself

Now that you know what toxins are out there and how to recognise them. It is time to start choosing the ideal brands that will fit your desire for quality as well as safety.

There are a lot of great brands out there that offer natural, toxin-free makeup. The key is finding the ones best suited for your individual needs.

The first step is to see if you can find products that have multiple uses. This will help you achieve your first goal of reducing products to cut down on chemical exposures, and will also reduce packaging waste.

There are also some household products that can be used instead of brand ones. For example, jojoba oil is great for makeup removal, and it nourishes your skin at the same time.

Make sure you focus on the ingredients and not the packaging or brand names. We tend to be drawn towards great marketing endeavours that make us forget the main reason we are getting the non-toxic makeup, and that is our health.

So instead of simply choosing the biggest name or the most attractive packaging, take your time and look at the ingredient list. That is the only way you will make sure that you get the best product.

Finally, make sure that you resist the urge to buy. There is always going to be the next big thing. A miracle product that is bound to change your life, or so they say.

But before you buy into it, make sure that you check the ingredients and do some research regarding the product itself. More often than not, the list of ingredients will be similar or identical to the product you are already using.

Some final thoughts

Changing your daily skincare and beauty routine is not an easy step. But it is one that can bring us closer to eliminating toxins from our body and our environment.

Now that you realise what perils lurk from those small bottles and makeup kits, you can take steps to protect yourself. Get rid of the toxins once and for all while still maintaining your beauty standards.

All it takes is paying attention to the labels and introducing your skin to a new, better beauty routine that won’t harm your body in the long run.


A beginner’s guide to non-toxic makeup

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