Quick guide to wearing Men’s socks

Quick guide to wearing Men’s socks

Quick guide to wearing Men’s socks

To some men, socks are something to keep the feet warm and comfy. To others, it’s a matter of completing their overall fashion look. So why is there so much fuss over what socks men wear with their clothing?

The wrong sock can ruin any guys fashion look

Well it’s simple really as wearing the wrong socks at the wrong time can spoil any guys fashion look. It draws unwanted attention and no matter have trivial you think it is. Combining the wrong colour/design sock with your fashion line-up can make or break the look of your outfit.

Whether you are dressing for work or those lazy casual days, you want your socks to fit in place with your clothing of choice. Here are a few simple tips to help any guy choose the right sock for the occasion at hand. They are easy rules to remember and must be followed at all times.

In general, you should always match the colour of your sock to your shoe of choice. Try and avoid pairing light-coloured Men’s socks with dark shoes.

A choice of good quality socks is essential

Rule of thumb is never wear white socks with black shoes, you are not Michael Jackson. It’s advisable to avoid wearing pastel and flesh-toned socks as they really do nothing for your look.

Always have a collection of assorted dark socks in your draw. Blacks, bluey blacks, and dark brown socks are always a safe and good choice. However, always be careful when matching socks into pairs.

When you are pairing after wash under low light, you may mistakenly mismatch your socks and end up wearing one each of two different dark colours ( we have all done it)

For more formal dress wear, your best option is to own a collection of plain, black, vertically ribbed socks. Note that your dress socks should always be thinner than your sports socks collection. If you opt for patterned socks, ensure the patterns are subtle yet simple.

White socks should only ever be worn with bright sports shoes full stop. They pair easily with jeans, tracksuits and white trainers.

If you opt for darker sports or casual wear, darken the choice of your sock to match. The likes of cartoon character socks are designed for fun and should only be worn indoors.

The correct sock design to suit the right occasion

When buying socks always consider what occasion you need them for. Smart casual to occasion sock wear should be long enough to cover a good portion of your calves.

Try sitting down or cross legs and you should not be displaying any skin between your socks and pants. Other tips are

  • Only pair ankle socks with shorts. Ensure these socks are made of wool or cotton. This material allows your feet to breathe and absorb moisture better.
  • Again, socks and sandals are a big no no and never acceptable
  • Socks should never be worn with slippers.
  • Check your socks after each wash to ensure they in good condition. No man wants that embarrassing moment of taking off his footwear to reveal holes in their socks.
  • Try and co-ordinate your shoe and belt look. Your socks should always be the same colour as your belt to give you a balanced look.


Quick guide to wearing Men’s socks

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