Different colours and prints put together in the latest Irish fashion news

Different colours and prints put together in the latest Irish fashion news

The world is going through one of the toughest times of crisis. Usually, during this Easter period, every year Irish fashion markets explore new ideas for the spring, renders exciting wears and ways of styling.

However, currents states didn’t allow us to keep that simple and direct in 2020 when the year introduced us to the global pandemic threat – COVID-19.

People are contributing through their ways that could lift the spirit in a time when death counts are increasing severely and are daunting.

The whole world has seen how quarantined Italians have made the use of music and comedy cheer up people, get them to ease over anxiety and tension, providing the much-needed distraction.

Fashion Industry

“Clothes” alike the other cultural aspect can also hypothetically play a role of off-putting attention tool in these tough times. Before coronavirus became a threat, there were jewelled and embroidered face masks seen on the catwalk in some fashion shows with the same intention.

Like the way it happens every year, a shoot was planned for designs Styled by Sinead Keenan, before declaring of a pandemic -COVID-19 by WHO, to showcase the new upcoming trends, season’s offerings and how you can adore them.

With no intention to give a lower profile to the seriousness of the conditions, but it may give a few moments of relaxation to some people to think about fashion, and dream about a period once all this gets over.

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