Ways to style your vest this summer 2020

Ways to style your vest this summer 2020

Ways to style your vest this summer 2020

As we speed towards the summer months, lots of us are looking to lighten up on our layering. The big heavy coats and jumpers are away for another year and now it’s all about summer styling.

For some, the vest are is arguably an intimidating layering piece. If the balance is off they can look rather untidy. They can make you look bigger than you are which is not good.

However, if you can pick out a style that works for you, the vest could become one of your best friends this fashion season.
If your look is correct, you’ll soon make that vest a cool and creative layering piece for some of the most on-trend looks for 2020.

We are going to give you some quick and simple ideas on how to wear a vest with different items that you already have in your closet,

Choose a fitted cropped vest

A well-constructed cropped vest with a fitted look gives any woman the chance to show off their toned waist and arms. To add to that, it can also make your look sophisticated and polished.

This is good option for a business casual office environments. The classic white vest over a fitted white shirts quietly says chic.

Opt for that printed vest look

For that more bohemian look, choose a colourful printed or embellished vests with bright colours and ethnic patterns.

It’s simple to tone down this vintage style by wearing it with black and white. This look is great when paired with a simple a-line skirt and heels.

Wear your vest oh natural

This is not faint hearted but a well fitted vest can double down as a dress. Worn over trousers and a strapless bra (nude of course) this can create a chicness to your overall finish.

Oversized black vest go with almost anything

It’s a bit of a wildcard look but a look that almost any woman can pull off. Black is so basic it’s an easy colour to wear with almost anything. Now think of an oversized vest which can bring some serious character to your fashion look.

A belted version allows you to show off your figure or even disguise problem areas by wearing yours open.

Remember that there are no limits to ways to layer this way. We think this looks fab worn over slim tank tops. However, it can be worn in winter when paired with turtleneck or cable knit sweater.

The denim Vest look

OK, what can’t you wear with a denim vest? Denim vests are designed in a variety of cuts. From cropped to extra-long, oversized to fitted, make sure to try on a few styles to find one that fits your wardrobe best.

You can opt for denim-on-denim and pair up your denim vest with a pair of fitted jeans. Another great look is throwing your denim vest over a pretty summer dress and bingo, job done!

Wear a Faux Fur Vest All Fall and Winter

Like the denim vest, a faux fur vest has a ton of versatility even during the summer months. There are various sizes and shapes available for those chilly summer evenings.

From cropped and long versions, they can be paired with everything from Jeans to knits, dresses and tights. What a wonderful choice to choose from.


Ways to style your vest this summer 2020

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