Irish fashion designers to consider this 2020

Irish fashion designers to consider this 2020

Irish fashion designers to consider this 2020

Alike in previous years, the year 2020 is going to be even more exportable for the Irish fashion world. Numerous designers are taking the bars of the Irish fashion industry to new world levels. Below we have listed a few of them who will be lifting the flag of the Irish fashion scene in this running like a storm.

Róisín Pierce 

The only Irish designer to get selected for showcasing her work at the 34th Festival de Hyères in the South of France, Róisín Pierce, in collaboration with Chanel’s Maison Michel, was awarded the first price.

Sinead O’Dwyer

Sinead O’Dwyer’s artistic approach is way diverse from other womenswear designers emerging from Ireland. O’Dwyer enforced many to question their perception of the female body and image in fashion.

Katie Ann McGuigan

The Irish-born designer gained most of her experience while working in London & New York. She believes designing is a constant journey of discovery. She once mentioned as per the current political climate, especially within the UK, it’s important to offer a light-hearted collection, which is fun and up-lifting.

Rory Parnell-Mooney

There are very few menswear designers evolved from Ireland, Rory Parnell-Mooney was one of the first to emerge the modern age. Unlike many other designers poking a wide range of independent suits, he brings a new forward-thinking, artistic approach through his fashion products.

These four Ireland fashion designer is surely going to take the worth of fashion trends into a really commendable collection. So, if you’re one of many who admire Irish fashion and want to know more about their designing strategy, you must have a keen look over their collection.

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Irish fashion designers to consider this 2020


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