Refreshing ways to style a men’s white t-shirt

Refreshing ways to style a men’s white t-shirt

Refreshing ways to style a men’s white t-shirt. You probably have about 10 of them in your wardrobe. And if not, you definitely should.

I’m talking about a white t-shirt.. It dresses up. It dresses down. It’s the perfect blank canvas around which you can create any outfit. But you need to consider the fit of this menswear staple.

Get it wrong, and you end up looking less Marlon Brando and more off-duty David Brent. Here are some refreshing ways you can wear a white t-shirt, no matter the occasion.

Open Shirt, White Tee And Dark Jeans

Layering is an art form. And a white t-shirt should be your canvas. Wear your tee under a casual shirt. An unbuttoned touch will ensure your look stays relaxed. Wardrobe staples such as a white t-shirt and dark jeans will anchor colour and prints, so don’t be afraid to mix things up.

Tucked In White T-Shirt And Trousers

Getting the right balance when it comes to smart casual dressing can be tricky. Let your white t-shirt be the focus point. Tuck a crew neck t-shirt into a pair of smart straight leg trousers. This look gives a nod to 1950s menswear. But it can be updated with a classic pair of sneakers a neutral worker’s jacket.

White Tee And Selvedge Jeans

Take it back to basics with a slightly oversized white t-shirt and indigo selvedge jeans. Jeans with a slight taper will slim your figure and keeps bottom and top in balance.

Turn up the cuffs a couple of times and finish the look with a pair of Converse or Adidas Originals.

For extra style points, roll up your sleeves. Not only will this make the t-shirt look neater, but also make your arms look bigger. If you’re unsure how far up the arm to roll up your sleeves, mid-tricep is a sweet spot.

White Tee And Leather Jacket

Take some style inspiration from James Dean with this look. This is a great way to add some edge to your wardrobe. A crisp white t-shirt under a leather jacket will always be a classic outfit. Just make sure that your jacket is not overly embellished. Keep your look plain and simple. Too many embellishments will ensure your look is overcrowded.

White Tee, Black Trousers And Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket is a menswear essential. And there is nothing it works better with than another classic staple, a white t-shirt.

Wearing a midsize bomber jacket in black can add shape to your figure. To add a smart-casual balance, finish your look with some black trousers. The monochromatic colours will tie your outfit together. Adding in a pair of black trainers will ensure the white t-shirt remains the focal point.

White Tee And A Suit

Just like you can wear trainers with a suit, you can wear a white t-shirt too. Wear a high-grade tee with a well-cut dark suit. Wool offers some texture to your look and simple block colours work well with the white torso.

To get this look right, getting the right fit is key. Your t-shirt should be slim enough that there is no billow under the waistband. Yes, you do have to tuck it in. and no, you can’t wear your favourite beaten up Converse.

As mentioned before, you can still wear trainers with your suit. Just make sure they’re the right ones.

Refreshing ways to style a men’s white t-shirt

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