How to wear your sweater this summer 2020

How to wear your sweater this summer 2020

How to wear your sweater this summer 2020

Yes the summer is on its way and we are looking forward to the warmer weather. For lots of us it’s time about retiring our winter wear to the back of the wardrobe for another season.

Just before you do that, have a look at the sweaters in your closet. Are there any there that you might look at and say “heah, that might do me on a chilly winters night?”

The whole sweater during the summer thing is still a matter of debate amongst some fashion critics. They believe that the sweater should be confined to the wardrobe for the winter with cardigans taking their place.

This is not the case if you live in a county like ours where the weather during the summer months is unpredictable to say the least. Here in Ireland the sun can be splitting the stones one minute and then the temperatures drop to accommodate the in-coming rain shower.

Get the balance of your outfit right

Whatever your preference, we all want to feel warm and snug when the sun goes down regardless of the time of year. To add to that, we still want to look stylish as it makes us feel good so there is no argument there?

For us, we feel that a nice sweater that fits in with the rest of your fashion attire is great for the summer nights and days when the temperatures drop. However, it’s all down to the way you wear it.

We have put together some very simple ways to co-ordinate your sweater into your summer fashion line-up. There are a few simple things to remember but nothing too drastic.

Casual daytime sweater wear

Now we are basing out styling for those of you who live in Ireland, again with unpredictable weather. When the sun isn’t shining it’s not going to be really cold but you will require some type of layering to keep you warm when the sun disappears.

Jeans & Sweater: Yes this is the most casual look of them all. It’s summer so there is no need to replicate dark and dull colours of the winter. Great summer sweaters should be bright and playful.

Cropped sweaters are great if you the climate permits. Beautiful pastels and patterns are a good choice. Seeing its summer, cropped or a nice pair of fitted jeans are the go. Pair these with plain white trainers and what a match.

Evening sweater time.

This is when you want to move from casual to something a bit more sophisticated. A nice neutral coloured cashmere sweater can be easily paired with a short to mid-length skirt looks classy.

Again depending on the climate, a tight fit vest can be worn underneath to keep the evening chill at bay. Finish this look with plain coloured low heels or sandals for that chic but still smart casual evening summer look.


How to wear your sweater this summer 2020

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