Sustainable fashion store Kool and Konscious launches in Ireland

Sustainable fashion store Kool and Konscious launches in Ireland

Sustainable fashion store Kool and Konscious launches in Ireland

Online fashion store Kool and Konscious are all set to make their clients range of clothing available in Ireland from this January 2020.

Launched back in Hong Kong in May 2019, the on-line marketplace is one of the worlds market leaders in proving a wide range of sustainable clothing for sale on-line.

Kool and Konscious’s aim is to eliminate the environmental and moral footprint of the fashion industry by giving their users access to sustainable and ethically sourced fashion products.

The Kool and Konscious store lists details of all their supplier information to the customer. This offers total transparency on how items are made and sourced. This then allows each client to check the details of a product before purchase.

Kool and Konscious have already partnered with over 200 different fashion brands around the world. This includes companies from the America, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Hong Kong. Their fashion and accessory ranges cater for both Ladies fashion and Men’s fashion.

Their line-up also includes designs from British fashion designers, TobeFrank, Gaia London and Lora Gene. Kool and Konscious also offers their customers a made-to-order service across their wide list of brands

These include Kozha Numbers and Gnana Studio. Their ‘Conscious Filter’ also allows their users to search individual brands who produce products categorised as vegan, eco tanned, recycled and items produced through the fair trade process.

In a statement released by co-founder of Kool and Konscious, Eva Vucheva said: “It is often thought sustainable clothing can’t be sexy, modern or beautiful,” said in a statement. “At Kool and Konscious, we fight this preconceived notion by providing customers with the very best in stylish, sustainable, ethical and conscious fashion.

From vegan swimwear and re-recycled T-shirts to plastic-free jumpsuits and up-cycled blazers, Kool and Konscious has all fashion-bases covered.”

Their inventory includes sustainable ladies dresses, outwear, swimwear and lingerie. This also includes a wide range of shoes and accessories. Item price ranges start at €30 and go up as far as €550. You can shop Kool and Konscious today.



Sustainable fashion store Kool and Konscious launches in Ireland

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