How to wear dungarees this summer 2020

How to wear dungarees this summer 2020

How to wear dungarees this summer 2020

Once Upon a Time, Dungarees where normally associated to grease plaid mechanics stuck under the bonnet of a car in a garage somewhere.

Not until the early 90’s did the dungaree start making a name for itself in the world of fashion. Thanks to the likes of “Rachel Green” (Jennifer Aniston) in Friends, did young fashionistas see them as a “go to” piece of fashion for young people.

Even then were they considered piece of fashion clothing for those lazy “at home” days. Since the 90’s, the Dungarees have taken on a whole new lease of life. Year by year designers have been more creative in bringing forward reputable Dungaree designs that can be donned for casual and formal wear.

Today, women of all ages (especially girl teens) love the subtle but chic look of the “all in one” garment that can be styled in so many different ways.

We take a look at a few ways in which any gal can style their Dungarees for various events and situations and still look cool!

The celebrity Dungarees look

As we stated earlier, Dungarees are no longer confined to home wear. Celebrities are embracing the feel-good look of the Dungarees and the comfort they offer as they go about their busy days.

Celebrities like Emma Watson, Perrie Edwards and Selena Gomez are often snapped wearing their favourite overalls.

Get the overall fit right

There are so many different designs and looks for Dungarees nowadays that it can confuse anyone. If you are delving into the Dungaree market for the first time then slowly does it.

Get confident and used to your new look before going all creative. The main thing to remember when buying a pair a Dungarees is to get the fit right.

You need that pair that offers movement to the body but doesn’t look like you are wearing a dustbin liner with holes in the arm. A nice fitting pair of Dungarees should sit an inch above the top of your ankle.

You should also be able to slide the palm of your hand (flat ways) down your hip to ensure the right fit. Anything past that is too bag and will expose you underwear. Neat, comfortable and tidy are the key rules as well as trying them on before buying.

Styling your Dungarees for the casual summer look 2020

With the warm weather on the way, it’s a great time to experiment with a new pair of Dungarees. With such an array of different colours and designs now available you will be spoiled for choice.

During the summer months the Dungaree can be paired simply with a simple neutral coloured tee worn underneath with trainers. This is a great casual day look for any young lady who cares about her looks. It is also fun to add a beanie hat and bag to your near but not grunge look.

Styling your Dungarees for the smart summer look 2020

Now let’s move toward the evening. This is where a more dress me up situ is required, add a bralette (pastels or white) and complete your look with a pair of chunky trainers or low heels.

Make sure to keep your colours balanced. Bear in mind that you don’t have to stick to the denim clad dungaree look. Lots of different fashion retailers offer a wide choice of cotton Dungarees for the summer months.


How to wear dungarees this summer 2020

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