Skincare tips for Spring 2020

Skincare tips for Spring 2020

Skincare tips for Spring 2020

Everybody loves springtime right? It’s the start of the new year when the nights get loner and the air around us becomes warmer. What’s not to like about that heah!

It is also a time when your skin starts to emerge from hibernation after a long hard Autumn and Winter suffering hot, dry indoor air and the harsh cold outside. It’s now time to treat your skin to some good old TLC.

Seasonal skin care is important to us all regardless of age or sex. Here are a few skincare tips to consider this Springtime to keep you looking great for the months ahead.

Make sure to exfoliate your skin

This is the first step in the way in achieving glowing skin. By exfoliating helps you eliminate those old burned out skin cells of winter.

Even though our skin cells are constantly regenerating themselves, harsh winter conditions may have stalled dead skin from effectively sloughing off.

The most effective way to exfoliate your skin is to treat yourself to a hot bath. This provides your body with a full-body exfoliation experience while using using a strong but gentle scrub to wash all dead skin away.

Make sure to give all of your body a good scrub, especially in areas like the back, knee , elbow and feet areas.

Try an avoid using the body scrub on the facial area as they are very severe and rough. The skin on your face is delicate so opt for an organic cleanser that natural and a kinder way to nourish your fresh skin!

Make sure to hydrate your body

I think we all know by now that water is the giver of life. It’s so important not only for our skin, but for replenishing the body and vital organs that make us tick.

Just think of it like flushing out your body of bad toxins that we intake daily. Water helps nourish our skin from within. The more water you drink, the more hydrated your skin will look. It makes sense.

Wear Sunscreen even if the sun isn’t shining

It’s a proven fact that sunscreen isn’t just for those lazy days at the beach or when the sun is in full flight. Even the dullest days of the year project harmful UV rays that can damage your skin.

Knowing your skin type and the level protection required for this is important. Any trained pharmacist will be able to tell you this. Don’t leave anything to chance and keep your skin protected at all times.

Tuck in to lots of fresh vegetables and fruit

Another great way to stay hydrated is by opting form fresh fruit and veggies over sugary snacks over during Spring. Not only are they delicious but contain water to help hydrate your body.

The bonus is they also contain important vitamins and nutrients which your body needs. Water helps your skin retain its elasticity, which means it can help delay the ageing process.

Foods that help with healthy skin includes the likes of broccoli, grapefruit, carrots, apples, and watermelon. Citrus fruits are great for the health of your skin.

Make sure to clean your make up tools

You have heard of “spring cleaning” right? So why should it be any different when it comes to cleaning the beauty tools that help you look beautiful.

Cosmetic tools such as makeup brushes and sponges collect hard-to-see grime and bacteria which you don’t want to reapply to your skin. You wouldn’t wash your face with a dirty facecloth.

Ensure to clean any beauty tools properly and let them dry for 24 hours before use. We also recommend using organic cleaning products when cleaning. They are not only good for your items you are cleaning but the environment too!


Skincare tips for Spring 2020

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