Styling tips when wearing Ladies white jeans

Styling tips when wearing Ladies white jeans

Styling tips when wearing Ladies white jeans

A pair of nice white jeans are the versatile wardrobe staple to make any woman fashionable. The beauty about white jeans is they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Not only confirmed to summer months, white jeans if dressed correctly can be an all-year rounder. Your overall white jeans look should be chic and there are a few things to consider before jumping into your favourite denims.

We have put together a few things to consider when looking to buy and style your white jeans for the months ahead.

The important see-through check

OK, you get the fact that white jeans are supposed to look chic right? Well if you undies are visible then your look can go from hero to zero in a flash. Good think quality white jeans won’t show off your knickers underneath.

They even hide any unwanted VPL’s. Lighter denim cotton material used in stretch denims are a lot thinner than regular denim. This is where your underwear may become visible.

If you are sold on wearing light denim then its important you opt for a white G-string or thong. They are a subtle choice and there is less chance of exposing your underwear beneath.

One top is to get a second opinion from a friend to see if your knickers are visible in the daylight.

Get the fit right

This goes without saying. You not only want your white jeans to look good but be comfortable. Fitted jeans are the correct choice when considering the white jeans look. Baggy whites take away the option of highlighting your beautiful figure.

When fitting your jeans ensure there is no gapping to the waist. Make sure you choose a comfortable fit through to the hips, bum and thighs.

For the more curvaceous ladies out there, the slim or straight leg jeans are a great choice. Remember, the best white jeans look are a slim pair that follow your curves closely falling to narrow or medium hems.

Make sure to style your outfit correctly

The white jeans effect are a fab, go-to denim style for creating the best fashionable outfits. You don’t have to be a skinny model to maximise your fashion look.

You just have to remember not to make your bottom half look big. Light pastel or neutral coloured tops during the summer months can really elevate your finished white jeans fashion look.

Blue denim acts as a delightful layering option for when the temperatures cool in the evening. If you are having a casual day then plain white trainers or loafers give a relaxed casual finish.

Moving up to more semi-formal evening attire, plain coloured heels are a fab choice. Just ensure your overall colour choices are balanced.

Keep your look fresh

The key rule to wearing white denim is to ensure that your look is always clean. There is nothing chic about a white pair of jeans which are colour stained.

Your white jeans should only be worn once before washed. Naturally drying your jeans opposed to machine drying them will extend their great look and keep them looking fresh all day and night long.

Consider the occasion

Another important thing to remember is the occasion of use for your whites. For example, if you are in the park and playing around with the children, you are bound to pick up unavoidable grass stains that will ruin your jeans.

Another example is if you are going out for dinner, consider your choice of food wisely. You don’t want spaghetti falling down the front of your pants. That just not good. Always consider when and where you are going to wear your whites. It’s important.


Photo credit Tamara Bellis

Styling tips when wearing Ladies white jeans

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