Fashion tips to buying men’s shorts this summer 2020

Fashion tips to buying men’s shorts this summer 2020

Fashion tips to buying men’s shorts this summer 2020

It’s not quite here yet but Spring Summer 2020 is on the horizon. Although our sun-time is limited due to the Irish weather, most men see shorts as part of the essential summer wear.

They are the perfect choice for men wishing to show off their legs for occasions once the weather gets warmer. Whether it’s on the beach to hanging out on them warm days, shorts are an excellent and comfortable choice for men’s fashion.

The good thing about shorts wear is there is no particular dress code for casual day occasions. In saying that, given our current fashion environment, some guys are lucky enough to include them as part of their office attire.

With this in mind, we have put together some ways to help you get the right pair of shorts that suits your look. From chinos to cargo shorts, here are some simple ideas to lift your men’s shorts look this spring summer 2020.

Consider the fit

The first thing you have to remember about shorts is they have to be comfortable. A good pair of shorts will allow freedom of movement while not looking they have been dragged through the bushes once worn a few times.

The fit of your shorts should be in balance with your height and body size. Once you have mastered this then you will be able to choose any pair of shorts to make you look and feel great.

Shorter length shorts will make you look taller than you actually are. Fitted or tighter shorts look good on slim guys while slim shorts will make a larger guy look smaller.

A serious no no are wide legged shorts. Seriously, they don’t do anything for any guys looks.

Shorts for the taller man

First and foremost, check out how your choice of shorts look on you before buying them. The last thing you can afford is for the hem to be pulled up strangling your thigh.

This is very uncomfortable and makes movement unenjoyable. The short that sits between 2-3 inches above the knee line is the perfect finish.

Shorts for the shorter man

Again, the same principle applies to choosing shorts for the shorter man. but upside down. If your choice of shorts are too long and the hem sits below your knee line then forget them. If you are sold on the style of those particular pair, try to see how it would look if you roll them up a little bit.

Opting for a good pair of tailored shorts is a great option. Just remember to avoid dressing yourself in shorts that are too long. They can actually make you look shorter than you actually are.

The well-built man

Well-built guys make the common mistake of buying the largest shorts possible in order to make them look slimmer. Well the fact is this is wrong. Larger shorts present a baggy and messy look. Make sure to stick to your own regular size for the perfect finish.

Get the colour right

The majority men are cleverer than they think when choosing the colour of shorts. They normally opt for those safe colours that allow their shorts to blend in with spring and summer environment.

The likes of blacks, navy, burgundy, grey or khaki shorts are seen as firm favourites because of their versatility and maintenance. However, here are a few things to remember to keep your look stylish this summer.

Give khaki shorts a wide birth this spring summer 2020. It’s boring and not the in thing this season. Secondly, choose prints or patterns as they are going to be a big fashion statement this coming season. Please avoid loud bright neon shorts at all costs. Tacky is not the word.

Consider how to intend to style your shorts

This is all down to your own personal preference and style. As we know fashionable shorts will change according to each season.

It’s all down to knowing what style and occasions you have planned for your short wear. As we said earlier, there are no real rules to styling your shorts unless you intend to go more formal.

Make sure your tops are colour co-ordinated with your short wear. Neutrals and pastel tops are a fab choice when pairing with your shorts. Just remember to get the balance right so you don’t look like a circus clown.


Fashion tips to buying men’s shorts this summer 2020

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