How to use your eyelash curler the right way

How to use your eyelash curler the right way

How to use your eyelash curler the right way. Despite their appearance, eyelash curlers are not scary. Or dangerous. But it can be hard to figure them out.

How long do you squeeze your lashes? Do you use it before or after applying mascara? Is investing in an expensive one better?

Read on to get the lowdown on some eyelash curler mistakes you’re probably making and how to stop them.

You’re not making eyelash curling one of your first steps

You should be curling your lashes before applying any makeup. This will help to open your eyes and help you see your eye shape better. Besides, if you’ve done your under-eye concealer or perfect liner, you don’t want to ruin it with a lash tool.

You’re not using a high-quality eyelash curler

You want to use the best tools possible when curling your lashes. Keep away from curlers that have a slippery grip, as these can tug at your lashes and rip them out.

Which is something nobody wants. If you get your hands on one, get an eyelash curler with a matte finish. They tend to fit the curve of your lashes well and give a smooth curl.

You’re not holding an eyelash curler properly

Place your thumb and index finger in the designated grip holes. Open the curler wide enough for your top lashes to fit between the rubber cushion and metal top. Try and get as close to your lash roots as possible, without touching your skin. Tightly squeeze the curler shut.

You’re using the wrong technique

Pump your curler four to eight times at the root and then up along the lashes to reach the tips. This will give a curl and not a crimp that pumping your lashes in the same spot would result in. clamp down and hold tight for about five seconds.

You’re applying too much force

Slow and steady will result in beautifully curled lashes. Squeeze the curler gently instead of pulling your lashes outward or crimping. Squeezing too vigorously will result in you pulling out your lashes.

You’re not heating your curler before using it

Heating your eyelash curler will help lock in your curl. To add heat, hold a hair dryer close to your curler for a few seconds. Be sure to test the heat using your fingertips before curling your lashes to ensure it’s not too hot.

You’re using a dirty eyelash curler

Just like all makeup tools, eyelash curlers need to be clean regularly. Using one coated in dried, old mascara will damage your lashes or cause styes. Clean the rubber cushion and metal once every two months. For a deep clean, wash it with dish soap and leave to dry overnight.

How to use your eyelash curler the right way

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