The Shift Dress explained

The Shift Dress explained

The Shift Dress explained. Our use for different type and styles dresses change from season to season. In winter we want that dress that keeps us in style and warm at the same time.

As we head into the warmer months are attitudes towards styling changes completely. We want that dress that looks good but offers more by way of freedom the body.

Since the 60’s, the shift dress has been a main fashion statement by women of all ages. Not confined to the young swinger of the era, the shift dress was adored by mothers and in some cases young grandmothers as a real fashion statement.

Why may you ask? Well the answer is pretty simple. The shift dress was a statement of the day that represented the youthful, free and revolutionary attitudes of the time.

Fast forward a few generations and today the Shift dress design is still enjoyed by ladies of all ages. We have decided to give you a bit of an insight behind this stylish fashion design that has stood the test of time.

The Shift Dress design

The shift dress is short and straight with a plain line. It drapes loose on the body from the shoulders and is held together by its side panels.

The original neckline of the shift dress was high and typically came with a boat-neck collar. However, today through innovative designing by various fashion houses, new style have emerged.

These designs include additional features that include collars, An A-line skirt is where the dress is broad at the base or have an empire waist.

The dress is designed for a simple look with most having no detailing. The waist is designed to allow the wearer to move more freely without any restraints. It’s style is sometimes designed to hide those beautiful curves, but is certainly a enjoyable choice.

What makes it so appealing?

The shift dress design is a popular with young to middle-aged women. However, it is not restricted to ladies of this age group. It’s short hemlines and square cut makes it a stylish and timeless dress that is designed to flatter.

It is sometimes referred to as the “Everywoman” dress that appeals to a wide audience of fashionistas of all ages. It’s versatile design makes it the reliable and convenient wardrobe staple that can be styled for both casual to occasion wear.

The Shift Dress has universal appeal with its cut and style taking the guesswork out of outfit planning. It’s that dress that simple will always be in fashion.

Ways to style it!

There are so many different ways to express your Shift Dress look. It’s a dress for all seasons that can be paired with sandals or heels during the summers months.

When the weather turns cooler, it’s a matter of adding boots and your favourite coat in winter. The beauty about this dress is it can be dressed either up or down.

For that glam night out it can be worn with a nice blazer or jacket. For those more casual days it’s a matter of adding a pair of trainers and cardigan.

All depending on the fabric, colour and texture of your Shift Dress, it can offer a variety of different looks. For that real chic look, a plain white or black shift can look seductive.

Bright coloured shifts designed that include bold patterns are more flirtatious. Pastel coloured shift dresses with present the real girlie look in women of all ages.


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