How to create a smart casual cropped trouser look for 2020

How to create a smart casual cropped trouser look for 2020

How to create a smart casual cropped trouser look for 2020. Today, the cropped trouser look is now a world-wide fashion trend. Once reserved for men of the Italian riviera, cropped trouser styling has made its way into the city and a cool look for men of all ages.

However, like they say it Paris and Milan, it’s all about how you style your trousers that makes it work. While men submit to displaying their mankles (bare ankles) they bring a whole new dimension to spring summer dressing.

It is fun and stylish dressing and here are a few simple ways to get that great cropped trouser look this coming season.
Your cropped trousers and socks look

The cropped trouser normally requires the exposure of the ankle. Wearing shoes and sans socks during warm weather can result in sweaty feet.

Leather brogues are a great alternative and perfect choice if you have to wear semi-smart casual footwear The invisible sock or sockettes are great for both casual or semi casual wear. They allow for your ankles to be exposes to air and can prevent unwanted odours to the feet.

The cropped trousers & shoe look is super cool. It’s knowing what shoes to pair with your crops is important to your overall finish.

The casual cropped trousers and trainers look

You have decided to keep your cropped trouser look casual and there is no better way to do this than adding a white pair of plain trainers.  Worn with a pastel cotton collar shirt and old style shades you are set for summer.

Semi casual cropped trousers and boots styling

Boots and cropped trousers is a cool look if paired with sand boots. Dark tan or brown suede works pair well with denim crops. Your choice of shirt must balance your overall look. Neutral colours can complete that semi-casual fashion look all day of night long.

Relaxed formal cropped trousers and shoes look

If you are one of the relaxed dudes who respect formal wear but not quite ready to embrace it over the summer months than this is for you.

A smart pair of cropped trousers will be the piece de resistance this spring summer 2020. It is a smart yet relaxed look that keeps your look above board. Opt for natural neutral coloured fabrics when choosing your cropped trousers. This allows your skin to breathe if stressed.

A nice brown or black brogue or derby shoe is the perfect choice in defining a slim-fit cropped trouser. A nice short sleeve pastel shirt completes the overall look nicely.

Be ready for when the weather turns cooler and have a fitted pocket square jacket on hand for extra layering if required.


How to create a smart casual cropped trouser look for 2020

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