Finishing touches that can smarten up any look

Finishing touches that can smarten up any look

Finishing touches that can smarten up any look

Accessories can make or break any outfit. It’s the small details that can make you look put together. Alternatively, they can also make you look more scruffier than you would like.

Trust us, it pays to have a classic leather belt or gold jewelry in your wardrobe for when you want to elevate your outfit. Shoes are another accessory that can make a big difference on the scruffy scale. A polished pair of loafers are classic and look expensive.

Read on to see the six finishing touches we think help to smarten up any look.

Gold Earrings

Take some inspiration from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and finish off your look with some gold earrings.

Classic Loafers

It’s true that a pair of scruffy trainers or unpolished boots can make a difference to an outfit. A pair of polished loafers will look smart and, when worn in, can be just as comfy as your favourite pair of sneakers.

Tortoiseshell Accessories

Add an air of sophistication to any look with some tortoiseshell. Whether it’s glasses, hair clips, earrings or handbags, tortoiseshell will make any outfit come together.

Leather Belt

We will admit that a belt is not the most exciting accessory out there. But it will help your clothes look more tailored and blend separate pieces together.


Everyone should own at least one pair of sunglasses. To keep your outfit looking polished and put-together, avoid trendy sunglasses and opt for a classic pair. If in doubt, go for tortoiseshell.

Black Hair Bows

This is one finishing touch that you don’t need to spend a fortune on. Whether you’re reviving limp locks with dry shampoo or jut styling your hair for a formal occasion, a black ribbon adds the right amount of whimsy to any hairstyle.

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