A guide to wearing corduroy the right way

A guide to wearing corduroy the right way

A guide to wearing corduroy the right way

70s styling has edged its way back into men’s wardrobes and nothing is more 70s than corduroy.

However, this material has not had an easy comeback. The problem with corduroy in the seventies is that it was usually worn by librarians and teachers, which can make it seem like a boring thing to wear.

But the fabric is a lot more versatile than many think. These days, the material is well cut and comes in a variety of unexpected ways. Even better is that the fabric is tough, meaning anything you buy will last.

Here’s everything you need to know about wearing cord in a modern way.

How To Wear A Corduroy Shirt

If you have a mild to severe phobia of corduroy, wearing a shirt in the material is the best way to get over your fear. A fine corduroy shirt can be just the piece to add some texture to your wardrobe.

Capitalise on the rich colours out there such as dark green, burgundy and navy. Styling your shirt is a walk in the park. For a Western inspired look, team your corduroy shirt with work boots and selvedge jeans. To update your work wardrobe, pair your shirt with tailored trousers and smart brogues.

How To Wear A Corduroy Suit

The best way to pull off wearing a corduroy suit is to pay attention to cut and colour. Adopt a vintage aesthetic but make it slightly modern. The blazer should be soft on the shoulder and trousers straight through the leg. When it comes to colour, think brown, green or blue. Finish the look with knitwear underneath in a tonal variation of your suit’s shade.

How To Wear A Corduroy Cap

A corduroy cap is the perfect bridge between smart and casual. But it’s still wise to go easy on the adventurous styling. Avoid clashing colours or overloading on the fabric. The cord cap is a statement maker, so keep the rest of your outfit simple. A plain shirt and jeans will keep the cap’s more fashionable tendencies in check.

How To Wear A Corduroy Trousers

Much like your hair, the cut is everything when it comes to corduroy trousers. If you get it wrong, you stand to be mercilessly mocked. To avoid a fashion crisis, stick to straight or slim leg fits.

When it comes to styling, simplicity is best. Treat corduroy trousers as if they were patterned. It’s best worn with simpler wardrobe staples to keep things calm. Corduroy trousers don’t have to be brown. Navy, green or even black styles can work well.

A guide to wearing corduroy the right way

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