Fashion Trends to watch out for in 2020

Fashion Trends to watch out for in 2020

Fashion Trends to watch out for in 2020. For those who you who live or die for the latest in seasonal fashion trends, this is for you.

This was a big year in all the international fashion capitals of the world, all eager to show off what’s going to be hot in 2020. All of the tops labels have their own definition of what fashion trends are going to be popular but this is all going to be down to you.

While you may not necessarily buy into each choice, you will find inspiration from each design and look. We have picked out some of the best looks from Paris, London, Milan and New York to look at. This is what each show believe we will be wearing in 2020.

New York Fashion Week 2019

The New York Fashion Week is held twice a year in the Big Apple. It runs for between 7-9 days (February and September) and includes international fashion collections from all the leading fashion labels around the globe.

Polka Dots are Go: This coming Spring/Summer 2020 prepare for the return of polka dots

Sold on Marigold. It’s not yellow or mustard, it’s a colour in between. This season look out for an influx of marigold into the fashion mix of summer and autumn

Please Suit Up: We already know that this year was the year of the suit. Next year will see the continued success of the suit carry over into 2020.

London Fashion Week 2019

This is a biggie, our side of the world and the one most of us here in Ireland monitor the closet. Like New York Fashion Week, this is a twice yearly event held in February and September every year. Here what the fashion experts predict for 2020.

Fringe benefits: It looks like the fringe look is making a dramatic comeback in 2020. The experts are predicting that the fringe will be hair look celebrities will be trending throughout 2020.

The Bright Green affect: No, not neon, we are talking about the bright green affect. It is more concentrated that the neon favourite of this year. This will brighten up anyone’s look in an instant without the need for shades.

Get Ruffled. Heah, the Dynasty and Dallas TV show look is back from the dead. Experts are predicting the bridesmaid ruffle effect dress vibe is going to be everywhere. Oh what fun!

Milan Fashion Week 2020

Another big one from this beautiful Italian city. This fashion bonanza runs twice yearly and is held in February/March of each year. The Spring/Summer event runs in September/ October. Here’s what to look out for in 2020 from the Italian runways.

Gleaming leather looks: Combine faux leather with bright and vibrant colours, now turn it into that great leather jacket look. There is no hiding the fact that the Italians love their colours.

Metallics to gleaming fabrics: Expect to see these heavily feature in fashion looks for next year. Shinny studs and fabric will be on show across a whole range of wonderful fashion designs.

Coat Dressing: This is for the lazy gals who like to combine layering with their dress look. It’s a fashion trend that will be very popular with lots of women in 2020

Paris Fashion Week 2019

This biannual event is normally held in September / October across various venues in the French capital. It’s a “one to watch” and probably the most feared by fashion labels who know they must impress at this event. Here is what they are predicting for 2020.

Back on Netting: Netting was featured everywhere at this year’s Paris Fashion week. It’s elegant use of design was evident in a wide range of clothing. This leaves us to believe that netting will feature in a wide range of “in” fashion garments for 2020.

Neutral is key: Like anything to do with fashion, when in doubt go neutral. The Spring/Summer 2020 runways this year were filled with effortlessly chic neutral looks. Watch out for their different looks in 2020.


Fashion Trends to watch out for in 2020

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