London fashion week going virtual due to the pandemic

London fashion week going virtual due to the pandemic

London fashion week going virtual due to the pandemic

No one can stop the fashion world from being in conversation, neither the coronavirus. Due to the amplifying influence of Covid-19, the London Fashion Week put forward the dates of their style meet to June, and it will be released over a gender-neutral, digital platform.

Recently, the British Fashion Council (BFC) announced that the coming fashion event, and also the ones that will be organised in the coming seasons, will include womenswear and menswear & in-place of a physical catwalk shows the fashion events will acknowledge the benefits of technology by making things virtual. This has planned to follow preventive measures and still incorporate hands with what new in trend.

Finally, the Fashion Week Platform is adapting digital innovation as the best solution to drive from current dilemmas. It has brought a glimpse of relieved to breathe for designers who have collections ready but were unable to drop them out in the market because of the market.

As the announcement says, there will be digital look books, videos, Q&As, podcasts, and live stream virtual catwalks for the viewers.

Earlier this month, YouTube hosted its first digital fashion show, which exclusively indicates how fashion week may transform for at least the next 12 months. That event brought together industry’s iconic names and flourished their work. It was filmed from their respective homes or places of isolation.

It can be a great opportunity for every individual involved in the fashion industry to show creativity in their work, giving viewers an amazing sense of momentous happiness in the absolute atmosphere of negativity across the globe from their homes.

Now, we will be able to adore the latest ladies fashion from Ireland & every other update from the fashion world we waited for, ever since COVID-19 got declared as a pandemic.


London fashion week going virtual due to the pandemic

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