Fashion tips to style your tracksuit for 2020

Fashion tips to style your tracksuit for 2020

Fashion tips to style your tracksuit for 2020. Since the introduction of the velour design back in the 70’s, the tracksuit is still a “go to” casual fashion piece for men and women of today.

Once restricted to park walkers or gym goers, the tracksuit has evolved into a fashion statement made popular by many celebrities.

Pharrell Williams and DJ Khaled are just some of the many celebs now making the tracksuit an accepted fashion look that is replicated by their followers.

So, what is it about the tracksuit that makes it a popular piece of apparel that has transcended so easily from gym to street wear? It’s all down to their different designs and consumer demand for comfortable clothing.

No longer is the tracksuit a scruffy uniform not to be worn outside of your front door. Thanks to the innovation forward thinking of designer fashion houses, the tracksuit is now trendy and fashionable streetwear.

That said, there are plenty of do’s and don’ts in styling your tracksuit outside of the home. It’s not all down to the design of the tracksuit itself, it’s how you style it. Here are a few fashion tips to help you style your tracksuit the right way

How to get the casual styling look from your tracksuit

Ok, let’s go back to basics here. If you decide to wear your tracksuit as daytime wear, don’t go for the full matching uniformed look.

Add some shape and contrast to your fashion look by adding a grew neck sweater to your navy or black trackie bottoms.
Adding extra layering is also a complimentary choice.

A black gilet blends athleisure with the high-street look. For those of you who prefer the full-on tracksuit look, brands like Emporio Armani or Hugo Boss are a stylish fashion choice.

Sport brands like Champion cater for a range of different colours with that 90s look. These look great worn with chunky white Nike Airforce One’s trainers.

If sweats on their own are not your thing, add extra layering with contrasting fabrics. Gilets and bomber jackets are a great way to lift your urban tracksuit look. The trick is, if you are going for the full-on look, tone down the colours of your suit. Neutrals are always a great choice.

Accessorising your Tracksuit

When accessorising your tracksuit look, remember to keep it casual. Keep it simple and a plain baseball cap and sunglasses will suffice. Even a neutral coloured bag is more than sufficient to maintain a laid back finish.

Choose the right shoes to pair with your tracksuit

This is all down to how plain you want your tracksuit look to be. Your footwear gives you the opportunity to add some glow to your outfit.

Again, for that cool casual look, you need to ensure your finished look is balanced. If your look is the full day wear tracksuit look, opt for classic trainers like Adidas’s Stan Smith’s that ingrain an urban aesthetic.

These pair so well with a pair of tapered tracksuit pants. Add a plain tee and classic pair of sunglasses for an downplayed weekend look.

Whatever your choice of footwear, don’t forget your socks too. There is nothing worse than a ponderous pair of thick white sport socks leering from the top of an acceptable pair of trainers.

Choose a pair of fine knit socks that go flush with your shoes. This ensures a more fluent finish to give you that fab athletic look.


Fashion tips to style your tracksuit for 2020

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