The secret to removing static from your hair

The secret to removing static from your hair

The secret to removing static from your hair

Nothing ruins a good hair day like static and frizz. Those pesky little hairs will never stop making their presence known, especially during the cold winter time.

If you find yourself getting increasingly frustrated with frizz, read on for our tips to help you get rid of static and make flyaways stay put.

Keep Hair Hydrated And Healthy

Dry winter air can bring about new flyaways and frizz. Preventing static depends on your hair type and texture. Overall, look for moisturising products that suit your hair. Smoothing shampoo and conditioners do wonders as well as a weekly hair mask.

Using a leave-in conditioner can help keep your hair moisturised, especially if you are using heat.

Be Careful With Heat

It’s a myth that the hotter the iron, the better the result. If your straightener is too hot or you use too much heat, you can end up damaging your hair. This will blow out the cuticle layer of your hair, resulting in frizz and a style that won’t last.

If possible, let your hair air dry or use your hairdryer on a low setting.

Brush Down Baby Hairs

If you’ve kept your hair hydrated, stopped using excess heat and still get flyaways, keep calm. Spray a strong hold hairspray on a smoothing brush and run it over your hair, focusing on the static parts.

Use The Right Sheets And Towels

Your sheets and towels can be the cause of your wild and unruly hair. Regular cotton pillowcases can cause friction when you sleep, resulting in bedhead and breakage. Swap your run of the mill sheets for satin ones. They don’t pull moisture from your hair, keeping it smooth and frizz free.

Using a microfiber towel is ideal for the same reason. Regular towels are too harsh for your hair. If you don’t have a microfiber towel, use an old cotton t-shirt to gently squeeze out excess moisture after showering.

Keep Dryer Sheets On Hand

The lack of moisture in the winter air can cause flyaways despite our best efforts. Running a dryer sheet over your hair can help balance out the electro currents in your hair that cause static.


The secret to removing static from your hair

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