The best outfits to wear to a winter wedding

The best outfits to wear to a winter wedding

The best outfits to wear to a winter wedding

Deciding what to wear to a winter wedding can be a pain.While we can’t advise on how stingy you can be with the gift for the happy couple, we can offer some advice on how to nail your winter wedding getup.

Know The Dress Code

It’s up to you to know about the dress code of the wedding you’ll be attending. If there is one. Read the invitation carefully. If it prescribes black tie, that usually means a dinner suit AKA a tuxedo.

‘Black tie optional’ means much the same, except you can go less formal with a plain necktie.

Semi-formal is trickier to master. Think formal, but not top hat and tails formal. A full suit is a must: navy, grey and black are all safe colours. When it comes to accessories, play it safe with a tie.

Choose Fabrics Wisely

Look, we know you’re not stupid. However, we feel we should state the obvious and remind you not to wear a cotton or linen suit in winter. Unless you want to spend the wedding shivering in the pews.

Go for a heavier cloth weight (between 14oz to 19oz) to keep yourself fully insulated. Opt for more traditional fabrics like tweed or wool.

Don’t go for a half-lined suit, either. Not only will a full-lined suit keep you warm, but it offers a better suit structure.

Consider The Location

For the vibe of your winter outfit to pay off, you need to consider the location of the wedding. If the wedding is in the city, lean towards the smarter side of things: check suits, pinstripes and colour palettes of black, red and navy. Draw inspiration of earthy tones if your wedding is going to be held in the country. Think green, rust or brown.

If You Are The Groom

If it’s your big day and you are the one getting married, you need to be the best dressed.

Err on the side of tradition. Go for a two or three piece suit. Choose black high shine Oxford shoes and a white shirt. To add some personality, go for a stripe or polka dot tie and floral dress pin.

If You Are A Top Table Guest

Well done. You’ve managed to get a spot on the top table. Try not to show up in anything too alarming. It is the bride and groom’s big day, after all. A black and navy suit are always classic choices.

There is always a chance that the wedding party has an outfit prescribed to them. If so, just do what you are told.

If You Are A Daytime Guest

Daytime guests can have a hard time choosing a wedding outfit. You’ve got the wear something formal but there are no solid restrictions on colour and fabrics. A suit in navy, grey or taupe is a great choice in winter.

For a modern look, a grandad collar shirt and a pocket square can liven up your look. But this outfit will only work if the wedding is on the casual end of the spectrum.

The best outfits to wear to a winter wedding

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