Lainey Keogh Irish fashion designer

Lainey Keogh Irish fashion designer

Lainey Keogh Irish fashion designer. Irish come international knitwear designer Lainey Keogh is one of Ireland’s leading fashion designers with a star-studded list of admirers.

Raised in a rural farming community, knitting became an intricate part of Lainey’s heritage having inherited her skills from her mother and grandmother.

Lainey has even had her work featured on an Irish stamp

Lainey is seen by some fashion critics of today as the undisputed queen of cashmere. With an international reputation before her, Lainey’s fan base of clients include, Donna Karan, Jamie Leigh Curtis, Beyonce, and the late Elizabeth Taylor

Lainey first received international recognition when her designs featured at London Fashion Week in 1997. Some of her most technically sophisticated hand-woven textiles have also featured in Christian Dior haute couture.

Lainey creates pieces that are luxurious and sensual with “feel appeal” In her words she likes to make things that are subtle, soft and mysterious”,

She experiments with coated cotton, ultraviolet yarns, fishing lines, feathers, embroidery, felting and Lurex in ground-breaking ways.

Lainey’s has also seen her work displayed in exhibitions in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, The Costume Museum in Bath and The National Museum of Ireland in Dublin. She has even had her own featured on a postage stamp here in Ireland.

Lainey’s designs are available in Brown Thomas 

Such is the demand for Lainey’s creations, they are today stocked in fashion stores right across the globe. These include, Maxfield and Elyse Walker in Los Angeles, Alan Bilzerian in Boston, Blake in Chicago, Wilkes Bashford in San Francisco and Mario’s in Seattle.

Closer to home, fans of Lainey can admirer and purchase her pieces at Brown Thomas in Dublin or Lainey Keogh Studio in Roundwood, Co.Wicklow.

As one of Ireland’s most celebrated Irish fashion designers, it’s easy to see why her creative designs attract so much international attention. If you appreciate luxury, handmade cashmere pieces, you are going to adore Lainey Keogh.


Lainey Keogh Irish fashion designer

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