The trick to wearing makeup over dry skin

The trick to wearing makeup over dry skin

The trick to wearing makeup over dry skin. With cold weather comes dry skin. Not prepping your skin properly with moisturiser before going in with foundation will leave you with a flaky finish. Something that nobody wants.

And when you do apply your makeup over dry skin, it will eventually peel off during the day and irritate your skin more.

Read on to find out how you can keep your skin hydrated pre-makeup application so you stay flake free while wearing it.

Be Consistent

Having a hydrating skincare routine is crucial when it comes to fixing dry skin. The process of hydrating dry skin may take weeks, so being consistent is important.

Exfoliate once or twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells that make your skin look flaky. Next, go in with a hydrating serum and finish with a moisturiser for a supple finish.

Look for Hydrating Ingredients

Dry skin needs hydration so knowing exactly what’s in your makeup is key. Look for hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin E or Argan oil.

Next time you run out of your favourite foundation, reach for one that has hyaluronic acid to keep you moisturised throughout the day.

Avoid Excess Powder

Pay careful attention to the texture of your makeup products when it comes to dry skin. Choose a finely milled formula will ensure that your powder like a foundation rather than additional product.

Use luminous products rather than totally matte ones. Dry skin will look the most supple and hydrated if you choose a creamy or satin foundation.

Tap Instead Of Tug

The way you apply your makeup has a big impact on how it wears throughout the day. To ensure makeup looks flawless on dry skin, tap your makeup on instead of tugging.

The way you apply your makeup is up to you, but our favourite way for dry skin is to sue a damp beauty blender. Tap the product into the skin in short, quick motions to keep your face flake-free.

Use A Hydrating Facial Mist

This is the best way to maintain makeup over dry skin is to reach for a hydrating skin mist.

If you find that you become dry throughout the day, keep a rose water spray handy to help revive skin.

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The trick to wearing makeup over dry skin

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