Ideas how to style your wrap coat this winter

Ideas how to style your wrap coat this winter

Ideas how to style your wrap coat this winter.The wrap coat otherwise known as the robe coat is a popular fashion choice for the young fashionistas of today.

More common to winter months, the wrap is a true styling fashion staple. It keeps us nice and warm for both casual and formal occasions.

It’s a piece of fashion that even celebrities have learned to embrace with the like of Rihanna and Taylor Swift spotted wearing this perfect fashion piece.

It’s chic look makes for perfect outwear for its overlapping panels secured with a soft belt. The wrap coat over the years has evolved to include unique detailing that fits in with all seasons while remaining comfortable.

One of the great things about the wrap coat is you can tie and adjust it to suit your own look. This ensures that you won’t be messing around with zips and buttons on cold mornings.

We have put together a few tips to help you style your wrap coat to keep you looking fab all day and night long.

Unite your look

One of easiest ways to wear your wrap coat is to wear it like a robe or dressing gown. By this we mean you can tie it with a knot or simply leave it open. By leaving it undone grants onlookers the opportunity at seeing your fashion ensemble underneath. This is how most celebrities wear them.

There are simple ways to make it work for your look. Take ideas from the coat design itself. Follow its neat lines and solid colour. A monochromatic ensemble always work well.

Try not to overindulge wearing lots of jewellery as this spoils your overall look. Simply keep your neckline simple. Experiment with your footwear. You will never go wrong pairing your wrap coat with a turtleneck or cowl-neck sweater. So chic!

Consider the length of your wrap coat

Extra-long wrap coats which are also renowned for their broad collars will suffocate anyone who is petite in size.
That’s why it is essential to consider the length and balance of your wrap coat.

If you are of the smaller build, choose for a shorter hem and ensure you fuse your look with fitted clothing underneath.
If your body type is more rounded, try and draw attention away from the middle area (stomach) with a beautiful overall print.

In general, the wrap coat makes its own fashion statement with your choice of colour. a spicy print can help capture your style personality.

Seek structure and angles.

Most of us consider the wrap coats as having a soft silhouette. However, for those of you with an hourglass figure you need to look for a coat that includes as much structured detailing as possible.

Seek out that wrap coat that has angled lapels and faux leather trim. For example, a belt adds greater definition to your look as it zooms in on the waist..

A herringbone pattern provides for a more angular geometric pattern opposed to faux camel hair. The adaptability of the coat can present it as relaxed and dressy. By this we mean it can be perfect for work or down -graded to the real casual look worn with jeans.

Give your wrap coat a personality of its own

To create a look to make your own it is always a good idea to add something special to your choice of wrap coat. Accessorise moderately with the likes of faux fur and neutral coloured bags. Don’t overdo it. Keep the attention on the coat and you.


Ideas how to style your wrap coat this winter

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