Everything you need to know about wearing Tweed

Everything you need to know about wearing Tweed

Everything you need to know about wearing Tweed. Tweed is a bit like denim. It’s an iconic fabric that everyone knows. While some consider the material to be old-fashioned and beloved by college professors or Conservative politicians, tweed is something that has stood the test of time.

It’s one of the most impressive clothes in the history of fashion, not just for its surprising utility, but the way it carries colour and texture.

Today this hardy material is being rediscovered so read on for everything you need to know about tweed and how to wear it.

What Is Tweed?

Though tweed may have aristocratic associations, the fabric can be considered the original workwear fabric. Those of you who have worn tweed know how warm it is, as well as wind and water resistant.

Originating in Scotland in the 18th century, the Dense Woolen material was woven at home to provide protection to those that worked the land.

Later, those that owned the land took to wearing the fabric.

Although tweed is linked to the countryside – think hunting, shooting, fishing – by the 20th century, the material was being worn for everything.

How to Wear It Today


Laid Back

Teamed with a pair of jeans, a tweed jacket can offer protection from the cold but with a more classic style than a polyester one. You can wear a pair of tweed trousers instead of jeans. This unexpected move will give a creative edge to dressed down looks.

Smart Casual

A two-button tailored tweed jacket is the ultimate smart casual look. The jacket had an air of academia about it, especially paired with flannels or brogues.

These days unstructured tweed jackets paired with chinos offer a more contemporary look.


Tweed is that fabric that look smart when properly tailored. But also relaxed at the same time. You can play down the fabric’s traditionalism by wearing your tweed suit with knitwear.


Everything you need to know about wearing Tweed

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