What not to do when buying denim jeans

What not to do when buying denim jeans

What not to do when buying denim jeans. With so many styles and options out there, why is it still so hard to find the perfect pair of jeans? How many women have stood in front of a mirror and hated every angle before declaring that they can’t find their perfect pair?

But when you do find the right style for you, it’s magic. You love your jeans so much, you wear them until they have literally been worn out.

So how do you find the right pair for you? The sad thing about it is you do have to kiss a lot of denim-clad frogs before you find your dream pair of jeans.

Here’s our tips on finding the right pair of jeans for you.

Don’t Follow Seasonal Trends

A golden rule to finding your prefect pair of jeans is to not follow seasonal trends. Trends in fashion come and go. While some denim jeans are fun to experiment with, finding a pair that hugs your figure and is flattering will always be in style.

Don’t Stick To One Style

Maybe you have your mind set on a style you like. Or think a certain shape won’t suit you. Put all that doubt aside. You should be willing to try something unexpected.

You might find a new go-to style that you love. Try out similar brands and try on several pairs of jeans to find one you like.

Don’t Forget To Check The Quality Of The Denim

This is a vital factor when shopping for denim. While the feel is important, the stretch and recovery are as well.

Stretchy jeans are meant to fit you snugly. If you are between sizes, buy jeans in a smaller size as they may become looser after multiple wears.

Look for a heavier fabric. A high thread count is a sign of a better-quality jean. Check the label for information. Denim brands that invest in high quality fabric often share details of their thread count on their product labelling.

Don’t Forget about Comfort

You should always make sure that you new denim jeans are comfortable. After all, what’s the point of buying clothes if they don’t make you feel good. Make sure you’re able to sit down and stand up with ease when shopping for denim.

Don’t worry about a heavier fabric being uncomfortable. High quality jeans may feel stiff at first, especially if you are used to wearing cheaper denim. Once you break in your new jeans, they will soften and adjust to your curves, giving you a customisable fit that you don’t get with cheap brands.

What not to do when buying denim jeans

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