Tips and tricks to removing long wearing lipstick

Tips and tricks to removing long wearing lipstick

Tips and tricks to removing long wearing lipstick. There’s nothing like changing up your makeup routine like wearing a dark lipstick. But any makeup lover knows that removing this must-have beauty product – especially long wearing formulas – is no easy feat.

Many of us who want to wear a dark lip don’t factor in how much time it takes to remove it. But there has to be some shortcut out there to make the process a bit easier, right?

Do yourself and your lips a favour and read on for our tips on how to remove long wearing lipstick.


Vaseline is truly a multi-purpose beauty product as, not only can it moisturise, it can also come in handy when you’re trying to peel back layers of lipstick.

Apply a small amount to your lips and leave it on for a few minutes. Grab yourself a towel and wipe your lips clean to reveal your soft pout.


Oil can be used in a pinch when you’ve run out of makeup remover. Drizzle any oil onto your fingers and massage it into your lips. Not only is this method very cheap, but it’s seriously effective.

Lip Balm

This trick can be extremely useful if you are out and about. Simply swipe over some lip balm onto your lips and let it sit for a minute. The rough paper towels usually found in public toilets will come in handy. Just crumble a piece up and rub your lipstick off using circular motions.

Micellar Water

It can be the next best thing to using an oil and extremely helpful when removing those tough lip stains. Apply a few drops of micellar water to a cotton pad and, starting at the centre of your lips, gently rub off your lipstick.

The micellar water will not only help to get rid of makeup but is also hydrating. It’s perfect for sensitive skin and can also be used to remove your eye makeup.

Exfoliate With A Lip Scrub

Even if you manage to get that first layer off, there may be some residue left over. This is where a lip scrub can come in handy. It can be used to slouch off dead skin cells and uncover the smooth and baby soft lips of your dreams.

Rub a lip scrub of your choice over your lips for about 30 seconds and wipe off with a damp cloth. Don’t forget to apply a hydrating lip balm right after to retain moisture.

Tips and tricks to removing long wearing lipstick

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