Styling tips for any men in their 30s

Styling tips for any men in their 30s

Styling tips for any men in their 30s. It’s a given fact than the men of today are dressing sharper than years gone by. How do young men in their prime look better dressed today than years ago?

For any guy in his 30’s it’s about looking content with their fashion look as well as fitting in.

A well-dressed gent could move straight to the upper end of fashion pyramid and wear custom suits and silk ties, but for this you have to kinda show off a professional business look.

While it’s great for work attire it does little to satisfy your casual fashion look. We have put together some ways to keep you looking stylish in your 30s,

Be prepared to vary your look

One thing that won’t do you any favours with your fashion look is sticking to the same old style. This means the fella known for always wears jumpers or alike.

You need to take on a look of your own and let it vary. Being a constant hoodie and jeans guy won’t do anything for your fashion look either.

The easiest way to impress people with your look is to introduce new fabrics, new colours to your line-up. This means new styles and articles of fashion that maybe are different to your look now.

We are not recommending you move completely outside your comfort zone. We are simply suggesting to try something different.

If you are not really into fashion then your wardrobe is style is probably based around some simple staples right now. There are alternatives that you can wear that will fulfil the same role. However, you will be adding a touch of style to your look.

Blue jeans

The blue jeans affect is ok from time to time. Experiment with darker shades of denim. Choose the close-fitted style and watch the difference. Why not add some corduroys, coloured chinos, and wool dress slacks too.

Lots of guys are used to wearing the same type of trousers which presents a stale fashion look. The man who varies his style will always stand out from the crowd.

T-shirt effect

You can still love your t-shirt but move away from baggy and oversized ones that are normally associated with teenagers. Reduce the graphic or big bold logo look to, not cool.

This is a younger man’s game. Replace this look by wearing casual collared shirts. Short-sleeved shirts or Polos are a great choice. Experiment with patterned dress shirts. They can add a bit of class to your look without going over the top.

Jumper to sweatshirts

You are in your thirties so its definitely time to say good-bye to those bold college type hoodies. Replace them with something light instead. Plain seaters or cardigans are always a good choice. Keep the colours neutral and ensure they don’t class with your pants.

Coats to jackets

It’s time to upgrade your look from canvas to cotton or woollen sports jackets and blazers. This can be paired with a jumper or sweater underneath.

Every man in his 30’s should own a reliable and stylish wool overcoat. Stick to greys or blacks. They can be paired with most of your wardrobe.

Runners to sneakers

Remember that anything above smart casual, gym shoes are a big no no. Trainers are cool when paired with jeans for those real casual days when hanging out with your friends.

When something more stylish is required, opt for loafers, brogues, and boots. A nice plain leather shoe works well with jeans and trousers.

Spend a little time researching what styles actually represent you. Style yourself in clothes that make you feel comfortable but leave your options open.

By upgrading your fashion look you can transform the way you are seen by others. Don’t do this overnight. Take your time as it will give friends and colleagues time to adjust to your new look.


Main photo image by Jens Lindner


Styling tips for any men in their 30s

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