How to style men’s grey trousers for the fashion season ahead

How to style men’s grey trousers for the fashion season ahead

How to style men’s grey trousers for the fashion season ahead


The colour grey is a classic colour that has existed for centuries. From businessmen to street styling, grey really came into a fashion colour of its own back in the early 1920’s.

This is because the colour grey is such a versatile and easy to wear colour whatever the occasion. This coming season, grey will once again become one of the biggest “go to” colours for trendy male fashionistas with designers showcasing tonal grey as one of their main looks.

The great thing about grey as part of your fashion line-up is that it never ever dates. It can be used for casual to formal fashion which makes it a dependable colour every season.

We have picked out a few ways you can wear grey as part of your fashion line-up to make you look great and confident. Same changes can make major improvements to your overall fashion finish.

Grey for the office

The colour grey is a very popular choice of colour for any guy when it comes to office attire. It is because it offers total versatility and can be dressed up or down for the office. downplay a grey office look.

You can pair your plain or pinstripe suit with a pastel coloured shirt and tie for that smart appearance. Then there is the option of matching a nice plain shirt with light or dark grey trousers for that relaxed office look.

Darker greys have a tendency to make you look slimmer but either or still look fab.

Grey is great street wear styling

For those of you who like the dressed down look, grey is a great choice. It is so flexible it can be used in your jeans, jumper or hoodie look.

The rule of thumb though is keep your look simple. A grey pair of jeans paired with plain neutral tops and white trainers is that look when chilling throughout the day.

If you need to take your fashion look up a notch to evening wear, grey trousers or jeans can be easily fused with a fitted style jumper and shirt. Complete this look with a nice pair or black or brown shoes or boots.

Think tonal this season

One of the biggest trends for 2020 is opting for that full tonal look. All of the top fashion houses have chosen grey as an intricate part of their collections for this coming season.

Experiment by wearing a pair of grey wide legged trousers with a simple grey tee. This will create a smart and casual look whilst fusing two of this coming season’s biggest fashion trends. A plain pair of grey trainers and really complete your great grey tonal fashion look for 2020.


How to style men’s grey trousers for the fashion season ahead

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