How to dress outside of your comfort zone

How to dress outside of your comfort zone

How to dress outside of your comfort zone. Fashion is a funny old game to some. All of want to look fab in the latest seasonal trends However, some of us would like to experiment with different styles so what’s holding us back? The answer is simple, it is our own fashion comfort zone.

This is a predicament that all of us face. It’s how we decide to break away from our fashion comfort zones that is important. Here are some simple styling tips you should consider dressing outside your fashion comfort zone. Oh and how to do it!

So why should we dress outside of our normal fashion comfort zone? Not everyone is obligated to think about dressing outside of their fashion comfort zone. Each of our own fashion comfort zone are different.

Some of us are happy stay inside the confines of our personal limits of the same styles and colours and there is nothing wrong with that. Others get tired of the same old look and would like to venture outside their comfort zone.

So why is this? For lots of people, it’s quite simply the fear of what their friends or colleagues will think if all of a sudden there is a change to their styling or look.

If it is the case that your fashion comfort zone is holding you back from dressing the way you want to then read on. Fashion choices should really reflects who you are and how you like to present yourself.

Choose a look that inspires you

Before ever considering to change your normal fashion look, focus on the style or styles that inspire you. Without direction and strategy there is a high possibility you could end with looks that just isn’t you.

Start by writing down looks that inspire you. Maybe base this on celebrities similar to your own age who look fab.
Ask yourself, will that celebrity’s look really suit my own style. Will their choice of clothing look good on you based on your body shape or height?

Identify pieces of clothing and accessories that you feel are the right colour and fabric to suit your own style look. There is no point shelling out money on items that you are not going to wear. Get advice from friends on what they feel would suit your fashion look.

Don’t try and change your look overnight

Depending on your own confidence, little steps at a time are good when changing your fashion look. This way it allows you to experiment with different items gradually.

Maybe start with an accessory like a bag or scarf and wait for reaction from friends. This is always a good way to gauge their response to your new look.

Once you have direction on looks you feel comfortable with then you can step things up a notch. Never try to change your overall look in one go.

Stick to the plan based on the person (celebrity) you are aspiring to look like fashion wise. Fashion is also about confidence. Learn to crawl before you can walk.

Try out your new look anonymously

This is one of the best ways not only to help build your confidence, but to sample wearing your new look away from the eyes of friends and colleagues without being pre-judged.

If you get the opportunity, wear your new look while going out shopping by yourself. Walk the city streets, enjoy a coffee in a café and see if you feel comfortable in your choice of clothing before introducing your new look to your friends.

You may even pick up a few compliments on the way. Staying on the same subject, get advice from non-judgmental shop assistants or a personal stylist who don’t know your normal look.

They will steer you in the right direction for the look that they think suits you best.

Never be scared to embrace change

Fashion is the perfect way of expressing who you are, or who you’re becoming. Everyone’s personality changes as we get older. If you are woman in your 50’s then you are not going to dress like a girl in her early twenties are you?

Fashion evolves and so should your look. Self-confidence is everything and you must love what you wear or else you won’t enjoy it. Also embrace change but never rush it. Get a look that suits you and one you feel comfortable with. Write down your plan and stick to it!


How to dress outside of your comfort zone

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