Different ways to style your dress this Winter

Different ways to style your dress this Winter

Different ways to style your dress this Winter. Dresses are the true fashion staple that can make any women look good day or night! Now that the weather has shifted from cool to cooler, a dress may be your first fashion choice to keep out the cold.

There is no need to panic as there are lots of ways to style your dress the fashionable way while keeping the winter chill at bay.

We have come up with a few simple yet stylish ideas to incorporate dresses into their winter wardrobe. Each look is very different but covers most angle in wearing your dress this winter.

Try wearing over a long-sleeve turtleneck

Ooh La La, turtlenecks are simple so chic and classic worn on their own. Now imagine fusing your turtleneck with a shift dress.

This is perfection and you wouldn’t look out of place strolling the streets of Paris. Try pairing with fresh and clean accessories like short ankle boots and a structured bag.

Fuse with black tights

For most of you this is a simple and easy choice. However, pairing the right tights accelerate from basic to trendsetter in an instant.

Always ensure the hem of the dress is either a mini-dress or midi-dress. Any type of length in the middle will make your look clumsy and awkward. The best way to look good in tights is to choose the black classic look.

If you prefer to be more adventurous and move away from black, make sure your choice of colours are still wintery colours (avoid brights or neons)

Ensure your jacket and dress are similar colour matches and lengths to avoid your final finish looking busy.

Dress under a sweater

It’s not a matter that you have to pack away your slip or maxi dress worn all summer. Combine your oversized sweater over your dress and complete your look with a cool pair of boots.

This is perfect winter styling while hanging out with your besties for some pre-Christmas shopping.

Black pants are the new tights

Yes that is right! Black pants are now the replacement for tights. The good thing is they are warmer than tights and more comfortable. Pair a long tunic dress in a warm material like knit makes your outfit winter appropriate.

Ensure your black pants are fitted in a robust material like denim or leather. Simply add a pair of runners for comfort and wow, you are there girl!

Over the knee boot and dress combo

Oh yes, the over the knee boot is a favourite with most stylish ladies during the winter months. For the best look, choose a dress that sits just above the top of your boot.

Pair with a top, jacket or coat that is similar in length and colour of your dress for extra brilliance.


Different ways to style your dress this Winter


Main photo image by Michael McAuliffe

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