How to style a sport jacket the casual way

How to style a sport jacket the casual way

How to style a sport jacket the casual way. A man’s sport jacket is one the most adaptable pieces of clothing a man can have in his closet.

The benefits to any gut who has a sports jacket are countless. A stylish sports jacket will always upgrade your silhouette while broadening the look and height of your shoulders. It’s slimming affect to the mid-body allows for a more masculine appearance.

A well-designed sports jacket with clever pocket designs can also lighten the load on your trousers. Finally, it portrays the look of a true gentleman with its classy yet chic look. The sports jackets can be worn in various situations and styled in so many different ways.

Pairing your jeans with a sports jacket used to be controversial look until recent times when male celebrities took on its unique look. When paired and worn well, the sports jacket paired with jeans offers a sharp and casual look for any well-dressed man.

The key to pulling it off is simply to choose the right jeans, the right jacket, and the right

Here are a few things to consider and look for in a sports jacket
  1. Always choose a sports jacket that has unregulated and soft-shoulder finish.
  2. Look for textured fabrics like cotton and linen for the summer. When the weather gets colder in winter, choose tweeds or corduroy.
  3. Decide on the styled finish that suits your look. Consider things like pocket or elbow patches.
  4. Do you require a 2 or 3 button down front closure?
  5. It is a preference of your to go for that thin notch lapels look or over peak lapels?

A well cut and fitted sports jacket are more spacious than a suit jackets or blazers. This allows for more room for layering underneath. However, you don’t want your finished look to be baggy or oversized either.

Sports coats, unlike their brother that are suit jackets, are not designed to identically match your trousers. The most effective way to develop that sharp contrast is to blend it with light coloured sports jacket. They can pair well with either denim or dark coloured bottoms.

Ways to accessorise your sports jacket

There are lots of cool and exciting ways to pair your sports jacket for that cool trendy casual look. You may decide to choose a more dress me up style but your general goal is to dress your jacket look well!

Here are a few ideas to consider when looking to accessorise your sport jacket look to add a few different slants to your finish.

Casual shirt look

For that great finish always try the open-collar button-down look. A smart and fresh oxford shirt looks great for that slightly more formal

Denim is also fab for that casual sports jacket look. Check or striped shirts present that look sharp dressed finish. The Miami Vice look of wearing a t-shirt beneath your sports jacket is never good. It relaxed nature will cause it to clash with the jacket.

Jumper or sweater look.

A layered look mingles well for a relaxed finish. Don your favourite V-neck jumper or sweater over your dress shirt then apply your jacket. We love this look!

Choose the right shoes

When you want to dress up your sports jacket look, opt for a brown pair of brogues or oxford shoes

If you want to take it more casual, leather loafers or double monk strap shoes are cool. Even try boots with your jeans look.

Apply the tie (if you wish)

The tie is not necessary to add to your casual look. However, it is manageable on the basis that the tie is thick and complements and blends with the rest of your outfit. Opt for tie that are textured and avoid shiny finished silk ties. That’s a big no no.

Feature photo by Ben White


How to style a sport jacket the casual way

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