How to make fashion statement using your handbag

How to make fashion statement using your handbag

How to make fashion statement using your handbag. Since the early days of fashion, women have been using their handbags to stamp their mark as fashion.

From then to now, all stylish ladies continue to the present their handbag as their own fashion statement. Although styles and designs have changed down through the years, the handbag is still a reliable fashion accessory to complete any look,

Different bags for different occasions

As any true fashionista will tell you, a handbag adds its own personality to any outfit. Some are designed to look basic while others very elegant and luxurious. The important thing to remember is that all handbags have their place.

Because fashionable handbags come in different shapes and styles it’s important to get your occasion of wear right. For example The HOBO, Satchel, and Tote bag are classic daytime bags.

They are practical and offer can facilitate almost any look from your fashion wardrobe. The purse or clutch bag is a real sweetie and ideal for those glamour occasions or night out with the gals.

There are keys things to remember when considering your next bag. They all come in different shapes and sizes so you need a bag that best suits your needs.

Whether it’s a fashion handbag like a Michael Kors to a day to day Tote bag, size and looks are important. The few keys things to remember when purchasing your bag are


What is the purpose of your bag and how do you want it to serve you. Do you need it to store day to day items like your make-up, ladies things, phone and purse?

A clutch won’t be much good to you for the above. A nice Tote or satchel type bag is idea for everyday use. You can even fit your scarf in it when you reach the office. For those more “dress me up” occasions then the crossbody or clutch bag of purse is perfect.

Consider the colour

Just because a bag looks nice on-line or in that shop window, you have to ensure it will blend with your current fashion wardrobe. Neutral colours like Black, Navy or Creams are always a safe choice. No point spilling out your hard earned money if you don’t have an outfit to match it with.

Security is key

Depending on your use of your chosen bag, you should always consider how secure it is. If you use it for daytime use at work then you should look for that bag that offers security.

Zips and button fastenings should be ever present on a day to day handbag. The last thing you need is an unwanted hand slipping inside your bag, lifting your purse or phone.

Prevention is always good and a bag that offers secure closing will go some way to protecting your valuables inside.


How to make fashion statement using your handbag

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