Trendy teen fashion ideas for winter 2019

Trendy teen fashion ideas for winter 2019

Trendy teen fashion ideas for winter 2019. Teenage years for any girl can be a daunting stage of your life. Nothing more of this is evident when it comes to fashion and styling.

While fashion has its seasonal trends, the cool thing is that everyone has their own individual look. Fashion is about making your own mark and no always running with the pack. Real fashionistas develop a style of their own and are not scared to experiment with certain new or old looks.

Where would fashion be today with the likes of Lady Gaga who is always puts her own unique stamp of her fashion looks. She was never scared to try out new looks and let’s face it, she’s one of the biggest fashion icons in the world today.

Why? Because she wanted to be herself and style her own fashion look to her fans.

Why not instead of trying to always fit in with the peer group around you, develop a look that says “this is me.” It doesn’t make you different to your friends, it shows you are confident enough to style yourself in a way that suits your look.

With winter upon us once more there are several different ways one can style themselves using modern day fashion items. The key thing to remember is make that look like your own it.

Wear what suits you with confidence. You may even start a fashion trend of your own. Here are some simple items this season you can start experimenting with.

Colourful fashion layering is exciting

Layering is one fashion trend that is always cool and can fit in with any of your fashion looks. It is perfect for a gal of any age or size, no restrictions.

By adding bright colouring to your outfit can brighten up any look. Try and make sure to get the overall balance of your outfit right so it doesn’t say crazy.

A colourful top paired with a neutral skirt or jeans is perfect styling for the winter. Rule of thumb is don’t colour clash your bottoms with your top look. Experiment with woollens and anything that will keep you snug in the cold weather.

The striped crop top look

The crop top has been around since the early 80’s. In the past few years it has made a sincere surge back into fashion and looks fab. Most teens love it because of their comfort and versatility.

Any striped crop top in neutral tones like black and white striped can be easily paired with a simple pair of denim jeans or skirt. The main thing to remember is to keep the attention on the top and keep your accessories to a minimum.

The classic blue denim jacket look

It’s basic, modern and reliable. Yes your parents probably owned one when they were in their teens and the blue denim jacket is a must have fashion staple for any woman.

Fitted denim jackets look great when paired with most coloured tops or dresses. It’s casually smart and can be paired with most things in your wardrobe.

Oversized denim jackets are get for those lazy super casual day looks. Don’t have the jacket to big though as you don’t want it to look like you are wearing a blanket.

The shorts and stockings effect

From Madonna in the 80’s to the millennials like Miley Cyrus, shorts and stocking are super winter fashion looks. The stockings protect the legs from the winter elements while the shorts show of your beautiful legs.

This look is a great way to experiment with different styles. A simple pair of denim shorts paired with a net stocking and neutral coloured tee is not only safe but a great fashion finish.

Complete this with a denim or corduroy jacket. Safe and sound for that great winter look

Put the boot in style

Good fashionable footwear is essential for the winter months. You want your feet to be protected at all times from the weather outside as well as look good.

The amazing thing about boots today is they come in so many different styles and colours that you are spoiled for choice. OK, we know black is the safe option but it’s not the only option.

Colourful Docs like pinks or reds are trendy winter fashion favourites. They can be paired with neutral outfits with ease. The most important thing to remember is make sure that your bottoms don’t clash with the colour of your boot.

The rest is up to you and you can be as inventive as you like with the rest of your outfit. Whatever your choice, make sure it’s a style that suits you and makes you comfortable.


Trendy teen fashion ideas for winter 2019

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