Fashion tips for a well-balanced man’s wardrobe

Fashion tips for a well-balanced man’s wardrobe

Fashion tips for a well-balanced man’s wardrobe. For those of you men who take pride in their appearance then read on. Knowing what to wear and how to wear it is the key to dressing like a gentleman.

For most guys of today, their wardrobe is full of old clothing items that just sit there doing nothing. It’s always good to have options and you can decide to either sell or exchange your fashion, or give it away to your favourite charity shop.

Dress for success

Either way you are being fashion sustainable. Rejuvenating the look of your wardrobe is important and fun to most men. However, its important to get the balance right of the clothing you keep to make up the look of your closet.

We have put together some simple ways to balance the look of your wardrobe below. These are very simple tips and ways to have the most efficient wardrobe in town.

The balance of your wardrobe
  • 20% Active wear
  • 20% Casual fashion pieces
  • 30% Basic daily fashion wear
  • 20% Dress me up pieces
  • 10% New seasons must-haves
Your basic daily fashion wear

This fashion plays a key role in the foundation of your wardrobe. Just think of this them as your every outfit, Ensure they contain a balance to your overall fashion look.

  • Use neutral tees that include black, white, grey, V-necks, crew necks
  • Striped tees that have micro-prints, and accent pockets in their design.
  • Snazzy fitted skinny jeans in dark indigo that land beautifully above the ankle
  • Beige or pastel chinos.
Dress me up pieces

Lots of us spend the majority of our time at work. This is why it is critical to pay as much attention to our dress wear than it is to our casual fashion look.

  • Well fitted suits in blacks, navy and greys are a great choice.
  • Depending our your own personality, these can be paired with plain neutral coloured shirts. If you like to show off your real character, op for a flowery or fitted designed shirt.
Causal fashion pieces

When it comes it casual fashion wear for the modern man, its not the case that anything goes. Nice quality polo shirts , jumpers, casual shirts and trousers are safe. Generally these items are to be saved for going-out for the evening or

Active wear

Today’s modern men will always place emphasis on dressing well or both indoor and outdoor activities. It is important to ensure you wear technical clothing that makes physical activity easier. It can also help take your sports performance to the next level.

Athleisure wear is all the rage right now. You can experiment in styling your fashion look in various ways. Unite quality fitting bottoms with tops and jackets.

Make sure you balance out your look so you don’t look you are heading to a rave instead of the gym.

New season must-haves

This fashion season has seen the revival of the Polo shirt. It’s a 12 months of the year fashion pleaser for any guy. The shear versatility of the Polo is magic.

Embroidered jackets are also another “in” item this fashion season but ensure it pairs well with your chosen outfit. You can complete any great new season look by accessorising.

Classic styled watches are always a good choice. Avoid oversized watch faces and keep the attention on your outfit.


Fashion tips for a well-balanced man’s wardrobe

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