Ciara Silke Irish fashion designer

Ciara Silke Irish fashion designer

Ciara Silke Irish fashion designer. Ciara Silke is an Irish silk scarf designer based in the west of Ireland. Her fashion collection concentrates on delivering high quality ladies scarves with a twist.

Irish scarves designed in Galway

Ciara studied fashion and textile design in NCAD Dublin. From there she went onto work for the iconic Diane Von Furstenberg label in New York.

After gaining experience working for this legendary fashion house, Ciara returned to Galway city from New York to start her own business.

In 2014 she started to develop a luxury line of silk scarves.

Each garment is individually designed by Ciara. They are then printed on fine silk and cashmere textiles in Como in Italy. and hand finished in Galway.

Ciara Silke fuses the wildness and vibrancy of her West of Ireland heritage with a modern, sleek, and timeless style, rendered in striking colours and fine Italian fabrics.

This award winning fashion designer is no stranger the limelight. She has featured in many high profile fashion magazine including Vogue.

Chic Irish scarf designs

Pieces from Ciara’s collection have featured on the red carpet at the Oscars ceremony. Ciara operates her own on-line website and shop.

Fans of silk designs who love delightful Irish silk pieces can browse across her extensive collection of scarves. These make the idea present or gift for anyone who appreciates true Irish fashion designs.

It is always important to support our gifted Irish fashion designers.. You can also visit Ciara’s website here or follow her on the social media links below.

Its important to remember that we should all support Irish fashion designers and fashion boutiques when you can. There is nothing better than home grown Irish products.

The next time you are looking for a piece of great Irish fashion design, think, Ciara Silke.


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Ciara Silke Irish fashion designer

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