How to apply your foundation balm the right way

How to apply your foundation balm the right way

How to apply your foundation balm the right way. If you have visited the online beauty community at all, you’ll know that there’s an ever-growing buzz around one product in particular – the foundation balm.

It’s exactly what it sounds like – not quite a powder or liquid but a creamy, full-coverage balm. If you are curious about this innovative product and are wondering how it differs from your any other foundation product, read on and allow us to explain.

What Exactly Is A Foundation Balm?

Think of a foundation balm as a mix between a cream and powder foundation. It applies like a cream or mousse but dries down to a semi-matte finish. If you’re someone who’s obsessed with lightweight CC or BB creams, you’ll love the formula of a foundation balm.

A foundation balm can feel as smooth and comfortable a cream product without any of the heaviness.

When it comes to coverage, balms are customisable. When you are first applying one, remember that a little goes a long way and can be blended over large areas.

Foundation balms have an excellent level of coverage that can be applied as a full-coverage foundation or sheered out with your moisturiser or beauty oil.

How To Apply It

Like with any makeup product, a foundation balm is best applied over well-prepared skin. Start by cleansing your skin and go in with plenty of moisturiser.

Apply your moisturiser with your foundation balm brush. The residual moisturiser will ensure that you get a seamless application of foundation. The next step is to load your brush by dabbing it into your foundation balm.

A light dab will give you more sheer coverage. If you want a full coverage finish, try swirling your brush around in the product. Apply the foundation to areas of your face where you need more coverage first. Bounce the brush onto the skin to deposit the coverage first and then buff out and downwards in circular motions with light pressure.

How to apply your foundation balm the right way

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