90s fashion trends that have made a comeback in 2019

90s fashion trends that have made a comeback in 2019

90s fashion trends that have made a comeback in 2019. The resurgence of some 90s trends have been met with mixed emotions. Thought the decade turned out a number of trends that are now iconic, it also produced some that are forgettable.

It goes without saying that 90s made a comeback in fashion circles of this year. How many of you have rocked the velvet trend? Or how much do you want a ridiculously tiny bag right now?

Read on to find out the 90s trends that have made a huge comeback this year.

Checked Skirt Suits

Think ‘Clueless’. One of the most iconic fashion moments of the 90s, Cher’s check skirt often comes back around in high-fashion circles. Tartan is particularly for this time of year.

Slip Dresses

Slip dresses will always be popular. Kate Moss has been a particularly strong figurehead for the slip dress, having long been an advocate for the simple design.

Blush Pink

One of the most iconic dresses to come out of the 90s was Gwyneth Paltrow stunning blush pink red-carpet look. The colour has been on trend for autumn-winter 2019. Scandi influencers have been spotted in blush pink gown worn with cowboy boots.

Sheer Clothes

Helena Bonham-Carter is the queen when it comes to rocking gothic, sheer clothing and this is one trend that has definitely made a big return in 2019. There are plenty of copy-cat sheer dresses and tops around this time of year. Perfect for wearing with your favourite denim jeans and strappy sandals.


Velvet was the fabric of the 90s. Fast forward to 2019 and this fabric has made a big comeback, especially for party season. Many high-street stores and high-end ones have created dramatic midi skirts and wrap dresses in jewel-toned velvet.

Branded Sportwear

If you see someone wearing branded sportswear today, chances are you won’t even bat an eyelid. So many men and women are adopting the sportswear staples of the 90s.


If your top wasn’t a vest or a corset in the 90s, you were living in a bubble. Fashionable women wore their corsets with everything, from short suits to red carpet worthy skirts.

Printed Leggings

This is a look that started out in the 80s and extended well into the 90s. it’s not a look that most people would reach for these days, but printed leggings have been seen in high-street stores in 2019.

Denim Shorts

Will denim shorts ever go out of style? Probably not. People wore them as part of the most 90s ensemble ever: with high-waisted black belt, socks and hiking boots combo and a crop top.

Tiny Bags

Mini bags are back! This trend came back in a big way (pun intended) in 2019 and is showing no signs of going away.

Strappy Heels

Take a journey back to 1995 when strappy heels seemed like the only dressy shoe option. Every women’s ‘business casual’ outfit consisted of black trousers and blazer with a white shirt and black strappy heels.

Bucket Hats

You may think of Liam Gallagher and the Manchester music scene when you think of bucket hats. But the likes of All Saints and Naomi Campbell were seen sporting this trend throughout the 90s.

90s fashion trends that have made a comeback in 2019

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