Style secrets for women over 50

Style secrets for women over 50

Style secrets for women over 50. There has never been a truer statement made that age has nothing to style. Beautiful styling is possible and not impossible because of your age. The key thing to remember is knowing how to flaunt your own look.

Making sure you know how to style you look in a sensible manner that works for your own individual look is key.

We have put together some helpful fashion tips from some of today’s leadings top fashion stylists. If you are over 50 then these are some ideas to consider to up your great fashion look this season.

Begin with the basic fashion staples

For the elegant and mature ladies of today, the timeless, chic, and sophisticated fashion look should be top of your list.

Some basic fashion staples in your wardrobe should include a white jacket, cream blouse and a black jumper. These timeless classic pieces never fall out of fashion.

Choose elegant jewellery

Some women make the mistake of opting to wear big bold chunky necklaces when they hit over 50. This is not always the right choice as depending on your outfit,

it can make your finish look cheap and unsophisticated. As the saying goes, less is more and a small yet elegant neck piece is a winner all day long. It’s chic and stylish and draws attention to the neck.

Invest in a good handbag

Let’s face it, what woman doesn’t like to accessorise? It’s always fun to shop for accessories but functional is key. A good quality handbag is a great investment for any woman as they can be transform the look of any outfit.

Investing in a good quality bag that can be worn with several outfits is worth it. Neutral colours are always a great choice. Also, make sure your choice of bag is practical for all the items you need to carry inside it.

The right bra size is essential

Top stylists think this is one of the most important things that women over 50 should always consider. They recommend that mature ladies once they hit the five O should be professionally fitted for a new bra.

It’s important that your bra holds everything in shape while complimenting your finished look. Neutral colour bras that can be worn with various colour tops is a great choice. Get you money’s worth.

Embrace different colours

A choice of different colours in any woman’s wardrobe is a good thing. Like begins at 50 and don’t be shy in experimenting with different colours or patterns.

Liz Hurley, Helen Mirren and Diane Keaton are prime examples of women who love to challenge different colours in their everyday fashion line-up.

Yes, black is always the safer option but nice pastels, blues and reds can be equally as stunning. Always make sure thought that your different choice of colours look coordinated and balanced.

The reliable button down while blouse.

Nothing says chic as well as a well fitted and crisp white button down blouse. It’s a must have for every woman over 50’s wardrobe. It looks simply fab and can be work with almost anything in your closet. It’s polished look allows you to dress for any day to night occasion.

The right fit jeans are a must

Every women over 50 should own a pair of jeans on the condition that present a fitted look. Choose dark denim for a semi-formal occasion and opt for light denim when your day is more casual. Making sure the fit is right is going to determine if your look is yay or nay.

Ready to go heels

Your 50, you have a bit more time on your hands than you did 20 years earlier. You get that call from the girls informing you they are meeting up for prosecco in an hour, do you have that ready to go pair of shoes on hand?

These should be a pair of heels that can be paired with most of your outfits (smart or casual) They should provide you with both comfort and style whatever the occasion. It’s worth investing in a quality pair that will support your look and body.


Style secrets for women over 50

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